Is Simple Traffic Blueprint a Scam?

If you’ve wondered “Is The Simple Traffic Blueprint A Scam or Not?”, and you didn’t get satisfying answer yet from any existing “Simple Traffic Blueprint Review” , then this post is for you.


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Traffic is the soul of every online business, so every affiliate marketer or blogger tries to find the best way to have a live business. Today, I’ll answer this wonder “Is The Simple Traffic Blueprint a Scam?” for you. This review is going to be the best simple traffic blueprint reviews online.

In my Simple Traffic Blueprint review I will show you the topics that are covered and then provide some thoughts on these.

In this post I’ll walk through the below topics and give you enough information so you can make a more informed decision on whether or not our product is a good fit. I encourage you to read the entire post so you can take as much away from it as possible.

  • Is Simple Traffic Blueprint a Scam?
  • What Is The Simple Traffic Blueprint?
  • Who Is Simple Traffic Blueprint’ Founder?
  • Inside Simple Traffic Blueprint Training
  • The Simple Traffic Blueprint Support
  • Who Is The Simple Traffic Blueprint For?
  • The Unpleasant Truths About The Simple Traffic Blueprint
  • What I Liked About The Simple Traffic Blueprint
  • The Simple Traffic Blueprint Pricing
  • The Simple Traffic Blueprint Bonuses from Philip
  • Is The Simple Traffic Blueprint a Scam?
  • Simple Traffic Blueprint Video Review
  • Alternative legit Platform (My #1 Recommendation)

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Is Simple Traffic Blueprint a Scam?

The answer is at the end of this review, so slow down and start read this post to get the comprehensive answer.

What Is The Simple Traffic Blueprint?

The Simple Traffic Blueprint in Glance

Product Name: The Simple Traffic Blueprint (STB)

Founders: Philip Borrowman

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training ==> YouTube Training

Strategies: Traffic, Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Email Marketing

Price: $49 / One-Time-Payment

Recommend: Yes.

The Simple Traffic Blueprint is a step-by-step system that will show how to create YouTube Videos in order to get free traffic from YouTube to your affiliate offers. It’s a complete blueprint that will teach you how to generate traffic from the ground up.

This course is designed for beginners and experts alike. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to drive free traffic and make money online.

This is the same method the Philip used to make my first affiliate commissions when I was starting out. Philip Borrowman is the founder of ipoopcash, and Simple Traffic Blueprint. He has used Simple Traffic Blueprint training to create content and product reviews to help marketers finding the perfect program that suits with using Ipoop Cash YouTube channel.

After reviewing few online business opportunities, this one stands out from the rest. Given that they are honest and transparent, I am more likely to buy it. Would you like more information? I will be happy to go into detail below.

Who Is Simple Traffic Blueprint’ Founder?

Philip Borrowman has been in the internet marketing industry for over a decade since 2012. He has helped countless individuals and businesses grow their businesses through his expertise in SEO, social media, content creation, and email marketing.

Before he finally found a way and began to continuously generate stable online profits, he was swindled and deceived by scammers many times.

Pro Tip: Philip started his journey into internet marketing Here. It’s where he learned the skills that he has today.

Inside Simple Traffic Blueprint Training 

There are four parts to the training content. Here’s a look at each one.

Introduction of STB

Simple Traffic Blueprint is a great way to start your internet marketing journey and Philip will show you through the introduction his results using the same plan, earning a passive income of $200. He’ll then show you his scaling results to $500.

Philip also offers some tools for those who need help, and answers to FAQs for more depth.


Getting Started of STB

If you’re considering making your own YouTube videos, it’s important to start off with a niche. Philip gives some useful tips on how to pick up the perfect niche; domain name.

You will learn how to setup your website, automate your autoresponder, and set up a YouTube channel.

Pro Tips:

  • How To Find Your Niche?

  • Where to build new website?

Implementation of STB

Now that you’ve reached the middle of this course, you will be able to implement those strategies in your affiliate marketing business. To start with, Philip shows how to create content and do keyword research, SEO (search engine optimization), write a video script; record videos.

One of the best things about using a screen recorder to make videos is that you don’t need to show your face. Instead, record your voice while capturing everything else on-screen. This is how you can make videos on Philip training.

Once you upload your videos to YouTube, STB training teaches you to create a squeeze page to promote any affiliate offers. 

Pro Tip: How To Find Great Keywords?

Conclusion of STB

In the last course Philip outlined all of the critical concepts, and encouraged learners to rinse and repeat this process with every video they make. You will have access to free traffic that is targeted to your offers and, in turn, you’ll make stable and passive commission money.

The Simple Traffic Blueprint Support

The support that you need is never far away. There are a number of ways to get your questions answered and receive help when you need it most.

  • Ask STB’s founder from inside the training
  • Directly Email STB’s founder
  • Directly Chat with STB’s founder

Who Is The Simple Traffic Blueprint For?

The Simple Traffic Blueprint is a good course to start off with if you’re serious about affiliate marketing. a clear goal and mindset is important before you start this online business.

Anyone who wants to learn how to use YouTube for affiliate marketing can benefit from this training. For experienced affiliate marketers who made online income, since there’s no harm in doing an experiment to see if it increases your YouTube traffic for affiliate offers, it might be worth the effort.

Being successful overnight is a childish fantasy and do not come to this course with that mentality. Positive results on your YouTube Channel won’t happen overnight. You’ll need to put in some work before you can see significant growth.

The Unpleasant Truths About The Simple Traffic Blueprint

#1 Additional Investment Needed

The following items are required when you follow Philip’s course, and you’ll need them through any online business. I recommend trying this out as a way to supplement your income.

  • Hosting & domain registration: $40+ / year,
  • Screen Recording Software: $40 / year,
  • Autoresponder: $10+ / month,

Pro Tip1: Free Software Resources ( Autoresponder & screen recorder)

Pro Tip2: The Best Hosting online for any entrepreneur

#2 Requires constant actions

Any real business does, whether, is online or even offline.

What I Liked About The Simple Traffic Blueprint

The reasons listed below make this course a standout compared to all other training courses about the YouTube.

#1 Focuses on 1 traffic strategy for easy learning

The Simple Traffic Blueprint is a simple, step-by-step solution to traffic generation that doesn’t overwhelm your senses.

He ensures that the course material is easy to understand and can be applied by any student. Your audience will grow to trust you when they hear about new products or services from you.

#2 Low Cost & No Paid Ads

One low payment of $49 for this course will teach you all you need to know about YouTube marketing. In addition, you get the personal What App number and an active online community, which is unlike anything else.

No upsells related to Philip’s training to make the results guarantee.

Simple Traffic Blueprint teaches you how to get free traffic on your YouTube videos, which is perfect for affiliate marketing beginners seeking free advertising.

#3 A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the results of our training, Philip will give you a full refund 

It’s been great having access to the Simple Traffic Blueprint. Philip has demonstrated a lot of confidence in the product, making it risk-free to use.

The Simple Traffic Blueprint Pricing

Simple Traffic Blueprint is priced at only $49.00, if this sounds within your budget you will be able to access the course and get these bonuses with it!

The Simple Traffic Blueprint Bonuses from Philip

Here are five bonuses you get from Philip + unannounced bonus inside the training:-

  • Case Study 1 ( $97 Value) :-

How Philip made $200 per month in completely passive Income Using The Simple Traffic Blueprint method.

  • Case Study 2 ($97 Value) :-

Philip went from $200 a month to $500 in a month by using The Simple Traffic Blueprint method in this case study.

  • Direct Access to Philip ($197/m Value) :-

In the event that you need urgent help at any time, Philip is available 24/7 to assist you.

  • Free Affiliate Bootcamp Fast Track ($47 Value) :-

Building a sustainable affiliate income is much easier than many people realize. Discover how to get started earning enough regular income from your own affiliate site using this bonus.

  • Access to Taking Action Online Community ($197 Value) :-

Join an online community of like-minded marketers. You’ll be able to ask for help anytime and get direct advice from successful industry insiders – all without any of the spam and trickery found in other communities.

Is The Simple Traffic Blueprint a Scam?

This question appears again! It’s time to answer it.

It is NOT. This is a legitimate strategy to use YouTube to drive traffic to your affiliate offers. As result, you have a chance to turn the traffic into actual customers in order to make money online.

I am NOT considering joining Simple Traffic Blueprint course at anytime, because I got the best online offer in 2017 and it contains all required training to conduct very successful online business. Read below subheading title “Alternative legit Platform” to know more.

For those of you who don’t know about affiliate marketing, let me give you some insight. Affiliate marketing is a strategy that allows you to promote others’ products without needing to make money.

If you’re a freelance writer who wants a new way to make money, then it’s worth exploring the option of being an affiliate marketer. You make money not only by reviewing products but also by ensuring that your reviews are helpful.

You can rank your articles higher with well-done SEO and keyword research – this will lead to more traffic on your site.

You earn, if they bought the products via your affiliate links.

That sounds easier than it is but it’s tough. To see any results, you need constant effort from your side. The more effort you put into your website, the more rewarding it will be.

Simple Traffic Blueprint Video Review

Here is complete Simple Traffic Blueprint video review.

This video review shows you everything you need to know before buying the STB training course.

Video Review Transcript

I’m going to show you what the simple traffic blueprint is all about. I’M also going to show you around the memberships area and what’s inside and what you can expect and also, if you decide to pick up the simple traffic blueprint through my link below in the description, I’m also going to give you an exclusive free bonus pack that Will help you get results faster and make this process a whole lot easier for you in a nutshell, this product is about how you can make your first affiliate commission using this one traffic source. It is created by this guy named Phillip barman, and it is beginner friendly and easy to implement. I know this because i personally bought this course back in march of 2020 and used this exact same course to get started with the exact same strategy.

It teaches you, and the best part is the traffic is free. This does not involve buying ads or spending any money on traffic. So if this sounds interesting, you then stick with me because I’m going to be breaking it all down for you. I’ve also put together a really special aim bonus pack for those of you who decide to pick up the simple traffic blueprint through my link below. If you click on that link, you will come to this particular page, which is going to be my full blown out review on the simple traffic blueprint.

It’s going to tell you everything you want and need to know about this particular product, and this is going to be the bonus section of the review, where you’re going to learn about all of the bonuses that you get, including my bonuses, but also Philips bonuses that You also get inside of the course, so if you would like to buy the simple traffic blueprint at any time during this video, just click the link below and click any of these buttons that you’re going to see throughout the review. That’s going to take you to the actual sales page which looks like this and from there just click on these buttons here to get started and here’s why you need to grab this course, while you can, because this course is currently priced less than one average dinner Out costs you these days on top of getting over a thousand dollars worth of bonuses. It’s pretty insane. I know trust me, because you’re gonna get bonuses from directly from Philip that are included inside. Of course, they are valued to be over 600 and include everything from case studies to show you actually how this strategy works and the results that can actually be achieved from the strategy you’re going to get direct access to Philip.

So you will be able to ask him questions at any time, and this is someone who knows his stuff you’re also going to get access to a 12-step free action plan. So this is awesome if you’re, just starting out it’s a really extensive, completely free training course on all the different components of how affiliate marketing works today and how to make it successful for you today and if you buy through our link, you will also get our Affiliate marketing bonus pack that we’ve added on top of this amazing course that is super underpriced. In my opinion, which we’re calling the simple traffic blueprint growth hacker, because what I’ve done is I’ve created a personal organizer and progress tracker, that’s actually built on top of this course, where you can actually mark your steps complete. You can personalize each step with your own notes, so as you’re going through the training you’re going to have ideas, you’re going to have notes, you’re going to have things that you want to remember. You can actually include that in this tracker, while you follow, along with the course on a schedule that works for you, but the real value of this growth hacker is also going to be that i’ve included like templates and cheat sheets inside, of the appropriate steps.

So as you’re going through along the course and you’re completing the task step by step, if there are additional training or templates or videos that i have that actually help, you learn more about the topic or do the topic faster, like a checklist or a template, i Have actually included that into the steps it’s going to be really organized for you and the cool thing is: is you can actually customize it by adding your notes? You can move things around to keep it all together for you, so it’s centralized into one place so you’re not only going through the training course sort of on your own rhythm and on your own time, but you’re, keeping yourself organized, which is super super important when You’re learning this online business stuff and our bonus pack is going to be valued at 497, so once again, you’re talking about more than a thousand dollars worth of bonuses. Just for getting the simple traffic blueprint today through our link below and if you’re curious to. Why we’re even doing that then check out my review in the link, which is what you’re going to come to scroll down to the bonuses section and read this part right here, which will tell you exactly why we both do what we do now. The reason you want the simple traffic blueprint is this: it’s a step-by-step blueprint for showing you how to make money online with an easy to follow strategy and one traffic source, and you will learn how to do it in an honest, evergreen and scalable way.

Now. This is the exact same strategy that Philip used himself to not only start making 200 a month in completely passive income, but then he actually did it again repeated the strategy to go from 200 a month to 500 a month in completely passive income. So in these two videos, which are actually real life case studies where he shows you how he did that you’re gonna see how he did it step by step and just to be sure you know it works, this traffic source is the exact same traffic source. We are using today on affiliate marketing informant to make 200 worth of passive income as well, and the cool thing is about this course is that you not only get the training and the step by step, like literally step by step, once you click into a lesson. Each lesson is going to be comprised of a short video you can see here.

This is two minutes. This is going to answer some of the common questions you have so you watch the video. You actually read the short descriptions just to make sure the information has sunk in and what you need to learn. Then you come down here and you’re going to choose a button. That’s going to say, mark complete when you click on that.

That’s actually going to take you to the next lesson and it’s going to give you this cool little checkbox. So this is a progress tracker! That’s going to help! You keep you organized and help you following through this step-by-step and in some of the lessons you are going to find some templates and checklists that are actually going to help you complete the actual step in addition to what we provide you in our simple traffic blueprint Growth hacker bonus pack and what you’re also going to find is some unannounced bonuses which are going to be additional templates and checklists that are not even mentioned on the sales page but you’re going to get instant access to them when you buy this course today. So how does this strategy actually work?

Well, the traffic source is going to be YouTube, you’re, going to create basic and simple, yet highly converting YouTube videos on YouTube, which you use to generate the free traffic and don’t worry – you will not be on camera, because these videos actually generate free traffic from YouTube. Without even being on camera to your simple squeeze page, which can result into leads and sales, but why is this product different than every other product that you have access out there to today, because this product is actually not just a training course, it’s a community too! So when you buy this course, you get connected to a small but yet really cool, awesome group of affiliate marketers, who are all in different phases of their affiliate marketing journey. Some of these members have established channels with thousands of subs and making completely passive income from YouTube. You’ll also see the journey of complete beginners who are starting out just like you, you’ll be able to see what questions they ask.

So you can learn from their answers too. So if you decide to buy this through clicking my link below then you’ll get access to this entire course. That literally walks you, through step by step on exactly how this traffic strategy work, how the traffic source works and how to make it work for you, because everything in this course is super easy. It’s broken out, step by step. All you have to do is put forth the action and come through and watch each video complete the tasks that are here for you and move on to the next step.

So, for less than a price of a really cheap dinner for two or an average dinner for one person, you can learn a strategy that works when you apply it now. The course is broken out into four main sections. You’re gonna have the introduction section the getting started section, the implementation section and then the conclusion section. So this is what you need to do if you buy the simple traffic blueprint course you’re going to start by watching the intro video here, then you’re going to start going through the introduction section. These lessons are going to deep dive you into the strategy.

The tools required and the type of results the strategy can produce for you. This section is where you access your bonus case studies right here, where you actually see real results achieved by this exact strategy, and once again you even get access to unmentioned bonuses step. Two is going to be the get started section. These lessons actually show you how to pick out your topic area for your brand, otherwise known as the niche and then you’re going to set up your business components, including your YouTube channel you’re, even going to get detailed niche list examples to help. You choose the right niche for you.

If you do not already have one step, three is going to be the implementation section. Now these lessons show you how to make videos for your channel that drive traffic to your affiliate offers for commissions step. Four is going to be where you wrap it up, it’s going to be the conclusion section, and these lessons are going to tell you how to actually build on what you’ve learned to achieve successes from there and remember. The best part is that this is literally step-by-step. Click for click – and you do not have to be on camera like this, to make the strategy work for you.

In fact, you are encouraged not to be on camera because you don’t need to now, as mentioned. This current course is priced super super cheap. It is underpriced, in my opinion, for the amount of training that you get and the bonuses and step-by-step templates that you also get as well, but don’t confuse it with a low quality product, because it is definitely not that it is a high quality product actually teaching. You an honest method of making money online, so buy it today to get access to this entire course and that’s what you need to get started learning the strategy. So if you decide to buy this, there is one upsell that you will be presented with, and i want to show you that, but it’s completely optional, and here is why you would buy it.

It’s called the seven day challenge and it’s simply an additional training module to help. You fast track your results. So after you purchase the simple traffic blueprint, you’re going to come to this page, go through the page and actually read all of the results and case studies and success stories that people have actually achieved by not only applying the course, but also this seven day. Challenge – and this is what it actually is – it’s essentially an additional way for you to follow the course and complete the simple traffic blueprint in seven days. So, essentially, you will have your business up and running in seven days, because you will get seven days worth of bite, size action, steps actually drip fed to you every day.

So you know exactly what to do without becoming overwhelmed. It’Ll help you stay focused and organized daily, and it will be an additional course offered for you in addition to the simple traffic blueprint, it will look like this called the simple traffic blueprint seven day, challenge where you will follow it through step by step, as you Saw in the original, simple traffic blueprint course now you come here and watch the video and Philip will tell you exactly what to do and how to actually kick start. Your strategy, by leveraging this additional course here, one of the main reasons you would actually add this onto your training package is because you will get a very unique and a very valuable one-on-one skype strategy call with Philip at the end of the course. So once you complete the course in seven days, you will actually be able to have a call with Phillip and, as you will read on this page, that particular strategy call is really invaluable. It there’s really no price tag you can actually put on it because he’s going to tell you the truth and what you really need to hear to make this online business and affiliate marketing business actually work for you now.

The one thing you need to be aware of when you buy this course is this: online marketing requires tools in order for you to succeed, long term, so as with any online strategy, this strategy also requires tools to make this work. These tools are a must, if you are serious about actually making this online thing work for you, you can get away with anywhere as little as about fifty dollars a month to about a hundred dollars a month. Now that may seem like a lot of money, but actually it’s not you’re talking about six hundred dollars to twelve hundred dollars a year to actually start an online business that actually can make you a lot more money down the road. So that is a very, very cheap investment compared to any other business model out there today so grab the simple traffic blueprint through my link below today, access all of the bonuses, and there is even a simple 30-day money-back guarantee where you can actually try it buy It go through it. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back and even if you get your money back, you get to keep the all bonus pack, because you will already have the link free of charge so grab the simple traffic blueprint today through my link, you have Nothing to lose and everything to gain, and, as always, if this video helped you out don’t forget to subscribe to our channel like this video and comment below.

If you have any questions, we’ll be more than happy to help you out By comment below this post review.

Alternative legit Platform (My #1 Recommendation)

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few alternatives that I would recommend to you. Wealthy Affiliate comes with all training and marketing materials at $49 membership fee per month.

  1. While taking Wealthy Affiliate training courses, you’ll know Kyle and Carson, the founders of WA.
  2. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing education platform with tools, and 24/7 support that you can use to maintain your business.
  3. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free 7-day trial; no credit card details are needed. I will also be your coach & advisor for your online business, so see you very soon on the other side.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium

You can find a Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate special offer by clicking the link HERE.

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20 thoughts on “Is Simple Traffic Blueprint a Scam?”

  1. Hi Safia, 

    I do understand the basic concepts of Affiliate Marketing, but any marketer have to keep learning. To be honest, I just find this post naturally while I searching for how to get free traffic from YouTube? so that I learn more ways to do my marketing.

    Now, I just have two questions!

    If you had to recommend between Simple Traffic Blueprint or Wealthy affiliate in terms of Teaching, which would it be? Is it easy to navigate the platform or do you need to have some sort of experience going into it? 

    Take Care.

    • Hi Johnny,

      I have to congratulate you that you are keep learning and applying. Everything in our live is updating frequently.

      For your first question, I find that Wealthy Affiliate has better teaching of teaching. Inside Wealthy Affiliate, there are different aspect of teaching (using video/writing tutorial/ live webinar) and cover wide aspect of affiliate marketing.

      Recently,I discovered that Wealthy Affiliate got a lot of expert classes and writing tutorial and live webinar that dig deep through driving free traffic from YouTube. 

      For teaching the affiliate marketing, no course can beat the Wealthy Affiliate. Hand down! 

      For your second question, if you mean the simple traffic blueprint, yes, it design it to be easy to navigate by members. The Wealthy Affiliate platform has got smart navigation style as it is authority site in affiliate marketing world wide.

      Have Nice Day. 

  2. Hello and thank you for your article on STB. 

    If not for your article I would not know about STB , nor would I try to find out. I was hanging around to learn more about affiliate marketing.

    I found Wealthy Affiliate is good fit for me and your reviews were great aas they make me inside wothour enrollment!.  Guess what? I am very glad that you gave a comparison review between STB and WA. STB didn’t do badly in the comparison which says a lot for them.

    I think that you touched everything. Personally I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t try them if they were not able to pay the 49.00/month at WA. It sounds like a good alternative.

    I like the simple language you used as with the technology in the content, sometimes I get lost in the computer-speak! 

    Thank you that your post is not too long! When these subjects ramble, I get lost out there.

    Great article filled with insights.

    Regards, Corinne

    • Hi Corinne,

      Your comment made my day.

      I really happy to help anyone would like to be run online business and be wealthy marketer.

  3. Hi Safia,

    Thanks for the review on the Simple Traffic Blueprint. With all of the low-quality products out there, it was refreshing to find that this one was a good investment for someone looking to go with video marketing on YouTube. YouTube being the second largest search engine, it makes sense to get further knowledge to ensure you can get a hold of it.

    I’ve also got experience with Wealthy Affiliate, it is an awesome platform for beginner marketers who want to get knowledge on all aspects of online marketing, instead of just one.

    • Hi John,

      YouTube is great to work with, and the risk comes how to start!

      which path you follow and the mind set and both determine your results.
      I think that STB is not spam, but it never enough because will learn you specific knowledge only and then after you success you have to expand your experience by seeking new knowledge.

      Instead, Wealthy Affiliate is the great alternative that you can make it home and never leave to any platform.

      Have Nice day.

  4. Hi Safia,

    Thank you for sharing this helpful post. I really enjoyed the reading.

    It’s been a while now since I learned how to drive traffic from Google, but to be honest, I have never tried to drive traffic from YouTube because I don’t know how to do it the proper way.

    You said that Wealthy Affiliate is a good alternative to Blueprint.
    Is it possible to know how you would compare those two platforms? Which of them would be best?
    Does Blueprint also teach how to drive traffic from other places like Google, for instance?
    What I like about Blueprint is that they provide a refund if it doesn’t suit.

    Thank you again and looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hello Daniela,

      My pleasure that this post added something new to your wide knowledge.

      Great, you learn the difficult part which is driven traffic from Google. However, driving traffic from YouTube is much easier as no competitive and rank directly.

      To be honest, the comparison aspect between the Wealthy affiliate platform and Simple Traffic Blueprint training is small. The Wealthy affiliate is authority site and one of the best leaders at affiliate marketing industry and much better that Simple Traffic Blueprint training.

      Simple Traffic Blueprint training did not teach much on using Google as traffic source, it rely heavily on YouTube strategy to drive traffic.

      The refunding policy: I have to say something about it.

      The income to any company will pass through interest bank process in order to increase. Therefor, The money you pay will be the capital to increase the company revenue from interest. The buyer of the Simple Traffic Blueprint will refund the $49 (Capital) and the company will keep the interest. At the end of the day, they’re making money even with the refund policy.

  5. Hi Safia,

    This is a great and in-depth review about Simple Traffic Blueprint.
    I am very happy I found it as I am currently in the research phase for creating videos on You Tube. As far as the program has structure which you have outlined, it does appear to be the real deal and one of the better You Tube training out there.

    The low cost $49 payment makes it even more attractive. I will give it a try. I am also impressed that Philip is available on call 24/7.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Ceci,
      I happy you found this review useful for you.

      The Wealthy Affiliate still have great training and high quality too.

      Have great day.

  6. Hi Safia,

    So I’ve looked over Simple Traffic Blueprint it looks like it could be a helpful course and for just a one-time fee of $50 I can definitely see some value. I tried one program to make Youtube videos I think it was. It was basically like an auto-generating video maker. It was quite impressive but some video clips where really weird like one it looked like some guy ordering a bag of gear at a phonebox lol and was really difficult to change it. I definitely think actually recording the audio and making a video yourself is much better if you can do it quickly enough. I mean blogging takes quite a lot of time so making videos as well can be a tall order but then I do know the backlinks from youtube descriptions are really good for SEO. I mean I do like the sound of this course but just my hardware at the moment is my issue – recording on my PC is terrible I got a really good mic but that’s about it. Maybe will consider this once I got a new sound card and stuff.

  7. Video creation can be a great way of generating traffic to your website. However, sometimes you need to make a choice whether your focus is going to be on video creation or article writing. If you do online marketing full-time then you probably have time to bring out content on a regular basis in terms of articles and video creation.

    However if you do not do online marketing full-time you should be careful not to spread yourself too thin as Google has a big emphasis on wanting to see regular content creation and I have noticed that YouTubers and Bloggers that are super successful are successful due to very regular content creation, as this is what Google wants to see.

    Saying all of this created videos embedded in your blog articles can really help your article SEO and YouTube videos ranks very well in Google too which makes it a good source of traffic.

  8. The Simple Traffic Blueprint is a step-by-step system that will provide a means by generating free traffic to your website. Creating videos seems like it will be interesting and for someone new it will provide a definite direction on how to start the process of online marketing. Generating traffic is always a major area of need for all websites. If this program will help even experienced affiliates to be able to market their products more effectively; it is well worth the investment needed. 

  9. Hi Safia,

    I was surprised to read that Simple Traffic Blueprint isn’t a scam! Furthermore, it is actually only one payment of $49! That’s really rare. 

    It sounds like Philip Borrowmen knows what he is talking about and will actually teach you something if you buy his product. However, I did see that you will need to pay for additional hosting, an auto-responder, and screen-recording software (which totally makes sense if you are making videos for YouTube).

    But, Wealthy Affiliate does give you hosting in their free starter plan, as well as your own email. If you are not interested in making YouTube videos, but just in affiliate marketing,  would you say that the free version of WA is a better deal? 

    Thanks for your the help you provide for others.


    • Hi Beth,

      Defiantly, the start plan at the Wealthy Affiliate is the better deal… It is the best deal that you have win.

      For me, everything required to run YouTube channel is exist at Wealthy Affiliate and this is including training, keywords, coaching, support, community and live chat. I even cannot compare each other. 

      Take Care.

  10. Hi Safia,

    Thanks for sharing this informative article with us. It helps a lot for people considering purchasing Philip’s Simple Traffic Blueprint.

    From your sharing, I can tell that Philip is honest and transparent about his product, and he shares tips; tricks to get free traffic from YouTube to your offers, which is incredible. I love only to record our voice and the screen, which is the best solution for an introverted like myself. It doesn’t need you to pay for traffic, ads, or expensive tools. You can get affordable tools to start making your videos.

    On other hand, Wealthy Affiliate looks more deep though as the training there did not skip YouTube marketing too but it provides expert training that filled with juicy information.

    It worth to try Wealthy Affiliate as soon as I can for the 7 days trail and then join one of premium memberships. Do you have any review for premium plus which released on 2021?


    • Hi Matt,

      I mentioned about overall Wealthy Affiliate review but not yet showing the detailed of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus. However, I promise that I’ll write awasome P+ soon and come back here to link you with.

      Have Great day.

    • Hi Matt,

      sometimes, it hard to choose between good products, but I know that you go the right way. why?
      1- start having site
      2- get traffic to site using SEO & YT

      You find all of that in Wealthy affiliate with all different of memberships.
      Wealthy Affiliate premium plus review is not yet ready to be shared here, but you can visit this link to see the differences right now, and I’m going to write review for this outstanding membership soon.

      Have Great starting with Wealthy Affiliate.

  11. Hello Safia,

    Thank you so much for your article. I really appreciate how you give a comparison review between STB and WA. STB is legit BUT it is not enough.

    I think Wealthy Affiliate is a good alternative and it’s great that they offer so many options to choose from. Thank you that your post is not too long! When these subjects ramble, I get lost out there.

    Please, keep reviewing the legit and scam products so all people know about it.

    Have great day.

  12. Hi admin,

    I had never heard of this until today. Your review was very thorough and does make it seem very trustworthy and legit. I can’t believe he only charges $49 for his blueprint, are you sure there is no upsell in any way?. It seems to offer so much value for such a low price But not enough as they focus only on YouTube. Of course, I already know the value of Wealthy Affiliate and how the services there is very extensive for the members.


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