How much is GeneratePress Premium? : Explained 2022


How Much Is GeneratePress Premium?

GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme with a premium set of plugins. You can use it to create stunning websites with ease. How much is GeneratePress premium plugin then?

GeneratePress theme lets you easily create powerful blogs with a host of features and options. Disabled features can be unlocked when updating to premium, so you can keep your site fresh and updated.

Discover the possible GeneratePress premium plugin discount in this article.


What is GeneratePress Premium or GP Premium?

The Premium version of GeneratePress is paid plugin. It can be activated after free theme installation and is called GP Premium.

There are tons of customization options, professional website templates and the option to create your own from scratch.

GeneratePress is a fast, reliable and affordable way to get your website up. You can quickly customize it for your niche and enjoy a lightweight design with optional modular add-ons that you can customize as much or little as you like.

It comes with 12 modules, an official Site Library, as well as Elements to create Headlines, Blocks and Layouts. You’ll get updates and support for the duration of the license, which is based on the type of license you decide to buy. You can use the same license on up to 500 new websites.

Why to Choose GeneratePress Premium?

I’ve already gone over what you can expect from GeneratePress Premium in brief. Long story short, with GeneratePress Premium you’ll get more control and customization over your website designing, more functionality that isn’t available on the free version, and more updates than any other WordPress theme on the market.

But I just want to highlight this over here.

You should always choose a paid theme over an unpaid theme. The reason for doing this is that these themes are constantly updated, keeping them up to date with the latest security features and ensuring that they are never vulnerable.

Upgrading to GeneratePress Pro guarantees protection against hackers and attackers. An outdated theme is a vulnerable security risk waiting to happen.

GP premiums Import and export options back up the entirety of your site data. This ensures that your website’s data isn’t erased if it ever gets hacked.

How Much is GeneratePress Premium?

GeneratePress Premium will cost you $59 for one year and $249 for a lifetime license.

If you intend to use the GP theme premium for more than 4 years, it will be more economical to get a lifetime license. This is because the accumulated cost of annual premiums over time would almost reach the cost of a lifetime premium. You can see this in our chart below:


Please, note that premium GP prices can be updated and this is up to the developer (Read terms usage page-section 9. pricing).

GeneratePress Premium Discount

Two types of discount offering to get premium GP, they are :-

Explicit Discount

You get this discount before you pay for GP premium.

  • Sessional discount for yearly plan and lifetime license: On Black Friday and new years starting and so on.

  • Paying $249 for a lifetime License is the best deal. For that price, you never have to worry about your annual fee again-no matter how many years go by!

Implicit Discount  

You get this discount after you pay for yearly plan.

  • During sessional discount, you may have renewable discount as well.

  • If you already own an active license, it’s possible to upgrade to a lifetime license. It will automatically discount the original purchase price for one year only. For example, if you purchased the annual license for $59, you would receive a lifetime discounted price of $59 only.


  • I believe that GeneratePress Lifetime is best Deal in term of saving to build business online.

  • You can install the premium theme on 500 websites.

  • You can still use the premium version if you decide not to renew, but you will not have access to premium updates.


  • Prohibited to reselling/redistribution of GP Premium software and/or license. The license for this software allows for the GP Premium plugin to be installed multiple times on other websites. However, it does not allow users to redistribute their license key to other people’s websites. My below bonus will overcome this lonely con.


To overcome the only cons about having one license for 500 sites to design, try the following hack:

Guess what is it! It is legit hack too. Don’t get me wrong.


1- Join the GP affiliate program (Offering 30% commission),

3- Include the cost of GP lifetime license to overall price of the deal.

4- Inform your client with details of deal,

5- sell affiliate site that you design using GP premium plugin,

5- get your commission from GeneratePress.

Final Verdict 

GeneratePress Lifetime is best Deal for you as website designer or even marketer, and it’s not bring any big revenue for founder of GeneratePress. That is why it can be disappear anytime.



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12 thoughts on “How much is GeneratePress Premium? : Explained 2022”

  1. Hi Safia,

    GeneratePress Premium sounds like a great deal.  I noticed in your article you said it comes with a site library, is that include help articles and tutorials to guide you through using the product and the plugins?

    I have been learning my way through Word Press and this does seem like an economical option but am wondering if it would benefit new users of Word Press?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Answer Q1 . Site Library where you can find tons of awesome site templates. You can use these templates to create any type of website, from a resume or a blog to an online store. The included content will add some flare and help you quickly design and customize your site.

      So the site library included within GP premium plugin is to kickstart your new site design off on the right foot. Save hours of development time.

      You can visit the site library in this link.


      The main rule of theme is to design and organize the website and  not for writing content.

      Answer Q2
      . Yes, the GeneratePress is simple theme making any newbie float in love with. I’m about to write detailed review about GP premium and I will explain how this theme enhance post/pages speed. in bottom line, GP is the perfect foundation for your WordPress.

      Have Great Time.

  2. Hi Safia,

    I have used WordPress and I like the software it is simple and easy to use. I think I will try this theme as lifetime deal is great deal (500 sites with one license, never compared to any premium theme). May be someday in the near future, I will jump in GeneratePress premium plugins.

    I like the simplicity of the theme. Nothing to complexed and that makes it a good choice to design any website.

    You know what? 

    You explained the answer of “how much is GeneratePress Premium?” in clear and smoot way as never done before.

    Take care


    • Hi Peggie,

      Yes, it is great deal. You can make one time payment to have GP plugins lifetime license and then you are eliable to design 500 websites in peace of mind.

      The great thing wit GP as theme that you can design your website the way you want.

  3. Hi there,

    My business website is made with WordPress and I love the plugins feature within it. I am always on the lookout for a new theme to add to my website so that it stand out better than the rest. 

    This plugin sounds helping me with that. At the same time, I make sure my website is secure with premium version.

    I just got question outside the pricing sphere. Does GeneratePress can work with other themes such as eliminator theme to design websites? I found myself that I want GeneratePress plugin while I got eliminator already. Any help?


    • Hi Michael,

      yes, you are right. The GeneratePress can  make your site stand out the rest in good way.

      The answer for your question is yes. GeneratePress theme can be used with eliminator to design websites. But, you have to know that each one has its cost and license key.

      Have Great Day.

  4. Hi Safia, 

    The Generate Press Premium membership sounds like a really good deal. I am not personally using Generate Press on my WordPress website, but I am certainly tempted to change Themes after reading your article. There does not seem to be a downside at all to installing this Theme, and the price is definitely attractive. 

    Thanks for sharing this information. 


    • Hi Jenni,

      It is up to you. As I read that lifetime license may not be available and I explained in this article.

      Have great theme to design your site!

  5. Hi, I’m a GeneratePress user too, and I’m considering is it worth it to upgrade to the Premium for a one-time fee of $249. Would you mind elaborating on the 30-day money-back guarantee? Is it possible to get a full refund from GeneratePress? Just in case I think it’s not worth it. Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Sugiya,

      The founder of GeneratePress makes possible for refunding during next 30 days after the purchasing.

      Definitely, it worth each cent you paid for GP especially if you combined GP blocks pro, the designing will be as the matter of clicking buttons and add view text!

      Hopefully, GeneratePress organization was in business for 8 years ago and will keep existing and you can rejoin it next time if you need/want to have the best online present online.

  6. Thank you for this very honest feedback. I now see the importance of choosing a paid theme over an unpaid one. Constant updates provided by the paid themes can be a game changer. 

    These updates offer you security features so that your site is not left vulnerable hackers to having fun with your site.

    The lifetime license with no annual fee increases does sound appealing.


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