What Is Jaaxy Keyword Tool About? – Jaaxy Review 2022

What Is Jaaxy Keyword Tool About – Jaaxy Review 2022

I offer today a review of the Jaaxy keyword tool that explains What Is Jaaxy Keyword Tool About. My promise to my readers is to show you what it is and how to use it. This is an honest and perfect review yet if you are new to online business.

Name: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
Website: www.jaaxy.com
Price: $0-$99 / month
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

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What is Jaaxy? |  An Overview

What Is Jaaxy Keyword Tool About

Jaaxy is a long tail keyword research tool which gives you the best phrases that are all easy to rank for, as well as a variety of other significant features.

It is really good at finding long-tail keywords to target. The Alphabet soup tool, which is a keyword research module in Jaaxy, shows each of the individual low competition keywords according to Google’s SERP (search engine results page).

Whether you’re looking for a good keyword strategy or need to do some research about SEO, Jaaxy is for you.

There are a lot of companies trying to take advantage of entrepreneurs who are unknowledgeable about SEO and overpay for services.

Jaaxy provides hassle-free keyword data, competitor information, and ranking potential to help you decide if a certain approach towards search engine optimization is worth your time.

It provides a lot of good data that you can use to rank your website and also has a lot of other modules included in the subscription.

This tool also is unmatched in the entire keyword research industry and you would be hard pressed to find a more reliable and useful tool.

I myself have been using it for a long time and will tell you all about what it can and can’t do, what the potential is when using it and how you can try it for free to see if it’s right tool for you or not.

Jaaxy Review | The General Good:

  • Support is always quickly respond.

  • Keyword research results are accurate.

  • Jaaxy offers a way to find domain availability in matter of clicks.

  • The user interface for this tool has been carefully designed and is very easy to use.

  • Proxy servers are used within Jaaxy so no additional costs are involved for accurate data.

  • No dissertations information or charts.

  • No software installation required (light online application), so no need for space on PC/Laptop.

Jaaxy Review | The General Bad:

  • Jaaxy is an English-only keyword research tool and no keywords results for specific countries!
  • Jaaxy help training never updated long time ago inside Jaaxy help!
  • Brainstorm is not up to date! Doesn’t shows the newest Google trends, Alaxa topics, Amazon best sellers, twitter trend as it claims!

Jaaxy Review | Who is Jaaxy For?

Jaxxy is a helpful keyword research tool that can be used by anyone who wants to be found online for any reason such as promoting or selling.

In order to be found offline, a company needs a phone number, address, name and other important details. To get found online however, it’s another story. Users typically search for specific topics online. So in order to be found you need a keyword research tool that allows you to create content that’s relevant to what they’re looking for.

Main Jaaxy Review

The details of Jaaxy review is going to start from here, so keep reading the following important sections.

What Is Jaaxy Keyword Tool About

Let me tell you here about Jaaxy features and training.

Jaaxy Features

Jaaxy tool has many great features when it comes to finding keywords. Jaaxy is not just a way to get data to know which keywords you should try to rank for, it can also be used to get ideas for new content. Jaaxy includes a few extra features to help the niche website builder.


How to make keywords search with Jaaxy

Keyword research is easy with Jaaxy keyword tool. You can make the search using keyword or URL.

You just enter the keyword and start searching and then you can dig deep as you want to get the wining keywords.


you enter a specific URL instead of a keyword, Jaaxy can provide you with a list of keywords against which the URL is ranked.


It is worth the effort if you combine both ways to get the best results to enhance the ranking.

The tool has many unique keywords with zero or low competition that are very easy to rank.

Jaaxy Site Rank

you can keep track of your domain rankings for your different keywords. You can even check the current ranking of competitive’s domains for the same keywords.


You can effectively set up campaigns to track your site’s Jaaxy SiteRank.


Search for Affiliate Programs in Jaaxy

Jaaxy is the only tool I’ve seen that connects to major affiliate networks like clickbank, commission junction and shareasale – it lets you analyze which products work best for your target audience. in other words, Jaaxy helps you find affiliate marketing keywords that you can monetize.

Jaaxy Affiliate Programs


Search Analysis

Jaaxy gives you a detailed view of a keyword’s SERP performance through the search analysis.

You can do reverse engineer of any successful websites in your niche using search analysis. With this feature you can know the keyword density, meta tags, content insights, and backlink insights.


Alphabet Soup Techniques
Alphabet Soup 1.0

Alphabet Soup is a list of search queries that Jaaxy recommends based on Google. You can get Ideas for new content that can rank quickly.

Alphabet Soup 1.0


You may need to check your new keywords from alphabet soup 1.0 into keywords search to know average search/month and potential traffic and so on. If you get the right criteria for winning keywords, then go ahead and write the content.

Search For Alphabet Soup 1.0


Keyword Search for Alphabet Soup 1.0


Both of keywords coming from alphabet soup 1.0 have good ranking criteria and ready to outline contents according to them. 

Alphabet Soup 2.0

Alphabet soup 1.0 as I mentioned earlier is included within Jaaxy into all plans. However, Alphabet soup X (alphbet soup 2.0 as Beta version) is not yet included as it is in trail release (Included into Wealthy affiliate premium plus only as separated feature from Jaaxy).

After testing beta version, it will be included within Jaaxy, of course, and SiteContent as well.

Alphabet Soup X
 What is Alphabet Soup 2.0?

Alphabet Soup 2.0 is an insightful new tool from Google that provides you with information about the newest searches at the time for a concentrated, accurate view into the latest trends.

This data can be used to create the successful niche, keyword lists, and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns that are tailored to the needs of your business. instead of search button, you will find “Make It Rain” and Ta-Ta, all newest searches words come out as rain organized in Alphabet order! It is alphabet rain!

Free webinar about how to use alphabet soup X is below.

How to Use Alphabet Soup X


Additional Features

Jaaxy also has additional features such as Domain Availability Checker, Stored KW List and search history.

To find the best domain name for your website, hit Jaaxy and enter you keyword. Jaaxy search features will show you which type of domain (com, org, net) is available with that word.

You can create saved list (old data) to save the important keywords to insert them later in contents. The search history saved your old searching using Jaaxy to be used if required.


Jaaxy Help & Training
Jaaxy Help

Jaaxy Help is the service that the owners, Kyle and Carson provide the Jaaxy’s customers.

Jaaxy Help


Jaaxy Training

Inside Wealthy affiliate premium/premium plus platform, there are real deal training that explain secrets on how to use Jaaxy to be the winner for any niche. So make sure you don’t miss up.

I personally take the advantage of the following training (It’s priceless, hand down):-

  1. The Basics of Technical Keyword Research

  2. Breaking Down Keyword Research – Jaaxy Style

  3. Getting Use Out of Alphabet Soup Keywords

  4. Finding Keyword Ideas from Authority Sites

How to Buy Jaaxy

You can buy Jaaxy with two ways:

  • Directly from jaaxy.com. This way offers normal subscription prices as no chance to get free lite Jaaxy subscription as Gift from Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

  • Indirectly by joining Wealthy Affiliate platform (Premium or even premium plus). This way offers lower subscription prices (Lite and enterprise Jaaxy, respectively).
    • This way makes wealthy affiliate as port to Jaaxy. It is better to mention that wealthy affiliate and Jaaxy are the best golden couple of online tools allowing to conduct long-term successful business online.

Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate as couple


Jaaxy Prices

I hate to talk about the prices, but I do here to help anyone on limited budget.

Jaaxy is a paid service, but it offers a free trial period of 14 days. The prices ranges from the free starter account to the enterprise account at $99.0/month.  The starter account limits the searches to 30, the Site Rank features, and the domain searches.  You can see a little more of the differences here:


Jaaxy pricing starts at $0 for the starter plan, which includes keyword research and analysis features. The lite plan not open to public (Purchased indirectly) and includes keyword ranking tracking, competitive research, and more advanced features.

Pro Jaaxy is priced at $49 and provides in-depth competitive analysis, keyword rank tracking, and more. The enterprise plan is priced at $99 per month and offers highest number of all features that are available within Jaaxy Pro.


Video Review

This video will walk you through Jaaxy platform to see every thing live. 


Video Transcript  

.There are many keyword search engines out there, but there is no search engine keyword, search engine like Jaaxy I will tell you why, Because Jaaxy is the world’s most advanced keyword tool, It has a 97 % search rate. It collects data from Google, Yahoo and Bing and many other places. It saves you a lot of time. Looking for the best keywords – and I will show you later – How I Learned – how to use Jaaxy keyword, search engine tool and how I ranked 8 times in one month with .

. after I started using Jaaxy and how I got a lot of traffic just by using Jaaxy, I’m gon na tell you how Jaaxy works in this video and first of all, taxi it’s a very nice program because it suits all pockets. You can start totally for free. They have three products: The starter product, the pro product and the enterprise product. As a starter, you get thirty searches for free And you get a fine good feeling of what Jaaxy really is.

So you are able to make a decision Whether you like to use it or not, but I think most people who do the starter, just love it And just want to go pro. And if you go pro, You get so much value for the money you ….

I will go into the features as we go on in this video and tell you more about the features of Jaaxy Pro In which I will advise you and recommend you to have in the first place And then, when you are comfortable with pro and using that One you can move on to the Enterprise Or if you have your business and if you have a lot of traffic already, I will advise you to go and take Enterprise. It is $ 99, a month, Pro is $ 49 a month. So Hang on your your hats, I’m gon na tell you and show you what Jaaxy is all about. Jaaxy Is all about getting more traffic to your website, and why do you want to have more traffic to your website? It’S because you want customers, don’t you you want the reader to read your blog.

You want your customers to come to your shop. You don’t want to sit in the back alley in the big city, jungle of websites And no one is gon na find you. So With Jaaxy you will get more traffic to your website by using keywords. Not long ago, I put up a new website and I started using Jaaxy as my favorite tool and Suddenly I found that most of my posts started ranking on Google in page one post number 1 And the picture you see here is just one of 8 examples From the first month, I had at least 8 posts that was ranking on the first page as post one, And I can prove it all to you. .

. I have …, You can read my last Jaaxy review, where I have put out all the evidence, But let me tell you how you can become the highest ranking post for your keyword.

That is what Jaaxy is all about, How you can use the keywords right, And Why should you rank Yes, because any rank that is number one in Google in your niche? Well, then, you get a lot of traffic to your website. Then you get a lot of customers and then you get a lot of sales. You see This is very valuable for you and that’s why Jaaxy is a very valuable tool. I Think all business people should have it.

I mean Jaaxy is the Tool with a big T.. So let me now explain to you how my traffic exploded first month, just by using Jaaxy, Because I started on 0 and as you see on this picture taken one month after I took a print screen of my Google Analytics one month after I started my website And, as you can see, it is …

… You can see on the picture here. It is the number of actions on my website And I could not believe my eyes when I opened Google analytics.

I was thinking wow. This is so fast because before I before I Started using it, It was very low. It was almost nothing so it exploded, and Now it’s much much more So now, let me tell you all about Jaaxy, As you can see here on the picture, there is the Jaaxy dashboard and how it looks like from Jaaxy Pro. You will also get this dashboard from the starter product. It is gonna look a little bit different.

I am going to tell you all about it. If you see on the top menu, you have a search field where you can search your keyword And as the second there you have Site rank There. You can add the link to your post and see how you are doing for your ranking on Google Bing and on Yahoo. This is one of my favorite features with pro version. You have an affiliate program, So when you become a pro, You also can become an affiliate for Jaaxy and it’s a quite lucrative Affiliate program and I advise you to become an affiliate and apply for affiliation if you become pro so After that you have the Jaaxy Help In the starter, you also have the help version, but it is not.

. It is not so ….

It is just a lot of tutorials for the Jaaxy in there In the pro You also get free surprises. I will tell you more about a little bit later and you can search for Keywords. You have something called the alphabet soup, where you add a phrase through your search field and Jaaxy, come up with suggestions that can be better than the one you have.And, based on the phrase that you added into your search. The Alphabet Soup creates A lot of possible headlines for you that you can use.

You also have something called brain storm which is a little bit similar, And then you have lists you can save lists on different products, Different searches that you do. You can add them to your list if you find out there are some suggestions you want to save for later. This is a very good feature. And if you have many different products, This Is also a really really really unique feature, And then you have the search history There. You can see all the searches you’ve made.

So if you …, you can go back and you can find keywords that you were searching for three weeks ago. This is very valuable.

I have used it many times because It’s a good feature, Because I I can maybe forgot one search I did and it was really good and that I want to use so. The search history is also a really nice feature, and then you have the search analysis and this one is ….

I like to use it because I can add …. I Can see what is going on and what is ranking on Google.

If I have a phrase, I can go to search analysis and I can add my phrase and I can see this phrase – suggestions. What are the Phrases ranking right now on Google, Bing and Yahoo for that phrase, so by using this one, this feature I can adjust. My headline so that it may be ranking and then you have access to 15,000 different Affiliate programs based on your keywords: And as you see here on the picture, I have added Keywords: success and I get a long list of affiliate programs. I can apply for just based on my keyword, and this is especially valuable for affiliate marketers, that wants to have affiliation programs, ..

… And for people who are writing reviews. This is a very valuable feature, So it’s a little bit about how the dashboard is looking in Yaaxy.

As I told you in the last picture there I have moved on into the help field of the dashboard in the pro version, and If you have a starter version, you will only see tutorials for how to find the keywords. In the pro version, You get a lot more than tutorials. You get tutorials here as well. In addition, you get 3 Surprises that are very valuable. You get one list, You can download one list of high traffic Low competition keywords that most likely will rank, and this is very valuable.

This is one list you want to have, and Second surprise is that you get a long list of niche keywords And the number three surprise is domain industry secrets. So all of these three surprices combined is very valuable. So I advise and recommend everyone to go for pro. If you want to grow your traffic and key ranking, My very best Search tips for you, when it’s coming to keywords, is to follow the Jaaxy tutorial on keywords, because it really works. It worked for me.

I was ranking on page one eight times the first month after I started using Jaaxy, but I have to tell you it’s not everyone that it’s ranking so many times the first time. So you need to do the tutorial and to do the tasks. So you learn how to use the keyword search engine because you need to learn how to use it to get ranking, and So it’s not …

I cannot guarantee you that you will rank most likely if you follow this tutorial On the keywords you will rank On on the Google index and that is very valuable for you as a business So sign up for taxi today. You can start totally for free, Just like I did, and you can also manage to rank with free starter product just like I did so It’s for every pocket there, but I would advise you to go for the pro as soon you are able to, and If You want, you might also want to read my latest review on the Jaaxy pro on my website, https //workingfromlaptop.com/ And there you can also sign up for Jaaxy Thank you so much for watching my video. I would like to know if you found this mini review of jaaxy helpful. Let me know below in comment under this post, and if you have any question whatsoever about jaaxy or keywords, just Leave me note below, So I will try my best to my best knowledge to answer you on your questions and It subscribe to my channel by hitting the bell to be sure.

My Final Opinion For Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that helps you find profitable keywords. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool for marketers. It is one of the most popular and affordable offers on the market.

So why not try the free service at least?  Give it try today.

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23 thoughts on “What Is Jaaxy Keyword Tool About? – Jaaxy Review 2022”

  1. Hi friend,

    This is a very detailed review of Jaaxy keyword research tool. I have been using Jaaxy as starter now, but I’m  always learning new things about Jaaxy now, as I’m reading a lot of Jaaxy reviews and yours is one that I found very useful.

    I am very confused though because Alphabet Soup is a feature of Jaaxy. But you then say “Alphabet Soup 2.0 is an insightful new tool from Google”.  I realize Alphabet Soup 2.0 is still in beta mode, but is Alphabet Soup 2.0 part of Jaaxy, or not? Thank you. 

    • Hi there,

      Alphabet Soup 2.0 is still in trail (Beta) mode and right now is not part of Jaaxy. 

      The Jaaxy founders are going to add ” Alphabet Soup 2.0″ to all plans of Jaaxy for next years. 

      “Alphabet Soup 2.0” as mentioned is part of Wealthy Affiliate plus+ membership and it separated from Jaaxy currently. 

      I have good reason why I add ” Alphabet Soup 2.0″ as part of ” what is jaaxy search tool about”. This is because alphabet soup 2.0 is secret key to break even more through having very new key words that never touched yet. As well as, it will be part of Jaaxy for a few months from now.

      ” Alphabet Soup 2.0″ is the feature that let you rank # 1 into all search engines without any doubt. This is the enough reason let me insert it here even if not included yet with JAAXY!

      Have Great day.

  2. Hi Safia,

    You really made clear the benefits of this amazing software. I love the free tool, which gives you enough to get started and build some momentum, and Jaaxy is one of the best.

    I use Jaaxy in my business. It is one of the most important tools I use. This is definitely something anyone can use if they are using SEO.

    I use the Alphabet Soup keyword search to draw out great longtail keywords. I know it’s still in Beta, so imagine the potential of what it can be.

    Have you ever used Jaaxy to flip domains?

    • Hi Stephen,

      You look like using Jaaxy for long time now. You even discovered the importance of using good keywords, and this let you jump even into alphabet soup 2.0.

      I really feel happy as bloggers used the up to date tools through their business.

      Jaaxy is the key to flip any domain and I’m planning in this year to flip 2 domains.

      Have nice day.

  3. This was a very informative article on Jaaxy SEO. I like the fact that you can´t download it. I like the option of signing in to use.

    I think many people do not know about Jaaxy and the information you gave could be very helpful to some.

    I didn´t know so much about the Search Analysis, so thank you for touching on that.

    Great points, can´t wait for Alphabet Soup 2.0.

  4. Hi gang,

    Jaaxy KT is a long detailed presentation. Well thought out and excited to the last detail, full of need to know knowledge.

    Well done 🙂

    • Hello Colin,

      Happy for finding it useful.
      I feel that Whatever I wrote about Jaaxy keywords Tool was never enough, though. I’ll update this post periodically to cover the deep treasures inside Jaaxy.

      Have Great day.

  5. Hi Safia,

    Great insight as I want not fully aware of all that Jaaxy could do for my online business. I didn’t know enough about the other aspects of Jaaxy so thanks a bunch for this. I have not aware of its affiliate program yet. It looks treasure for me though.

    Have nice day.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Yah, Jaaxy really treasure that you need to know each aspect of it. Each aspect services your business the way that help the growth and success.

      Have happy Jaaxy search!

  6. I appreciate this thorough explanation about Jaaxy.  I have been using the free Lite version and have wondered if one of the higher version might be better for me.  The comparison you offer has answered the question for me.  It looks like the monthly charge will be worth what Jaaxy enterprise can do over Jaaxy lite which I am using.  

    Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Friend,

      It is my pleasure to find the answers of yr questions in this article and this what meant to be written for.

      Have Nice Days Ahead.


  7. Hi Safia,

    This is a comprehensive evaluation of the Jaaxy keyword research tool. I’m now utilizing Jaaxy as enterprise version. It is one of my most significant instruments. This is something that everybody who uses SEO may benefit from. Additionally, Alphabet Soup is a function that allows you to rank in all search engines without a doubt. 

    Actually, I missed the Jay’s training that you mentioned and I’ll watch them to reach deep using of Jaaxy. How I could not see them!

    Thanks so much for the post.

    • Hi there,

      These training is outstanding and have the key secrets on how to use Jaaxy the correct way.

      Have Nice Watching!

  8. Super helpful explanation of Jaaxy. I’m really new to Wealthy Affiliate platform and to this whole business of keyword research and its importance.  I’m excited about how much can be gleaned using this tool and I look forward to using it for not only keyword research, but for site rankings, and maybe even to help me flip a domain or two.  


    • Hi Shannon,

      Jaaxy is very easy to be used and at the same time, no body can believe its advantages so easily and this what happen with me at the beginning! This is the main reason that forced me to write Jaaxy review.

      Jaaxy keywords search tool can be used even for reverse engineering any site and beat it as well.

  9. Hi Safia,
    Thanks for showing us the powerful Jaaxy! It’s the best keyword research tool for bloggers to rank higher on SERP so that people will have more chances to land on your website, hence more opportunities to make sales. I leveraged Jaaxy to rank some of my product reviews higher on Google Search, so I knew how useful it is to help beginners like me to beat other authority websites.

    I love the alphabet soup & the saved list, both help me save lots of time brainstorming and saving keywords in excel like old days… I love Jaaxy and use it daily, so I vouch for everything you mentioned in this review. 🙂


  10. Hey,

    Excellent article on the Jaaxy Keyword tool and other keyword tools also.

    I haven’t used that many keyword tools in the past, but out of all the ones I have used, Jaaxy was by far the best.

    As you say, it can actually direct you in which way to take your article, making sure you use those keywords that will help.

    I can also highly recommend Jaaxy to anybody reading this article and these comments.

    Looking forward to your next inspirational article Safia,

    All the best,


  11. I personally use Jaaxy for all my keyword research. My brother has a lot of sophisticated SEO tools and Jaaxy is his preference when he needs to do quick keyword research which yields instant results. Jaaxy is certainly an excellent choice when it comes to choosing a keyword research tool.

  12. Hello Safia,

    How I did not read this Jaaxy review article before!. I think it is the most comprehensive review of the tool and its Features and not just a part of the WA premium and plus. I use it as well for my niche. I mostly utilize and know about its features, except the Alphabet soup and analyzing competing websites, so thank you for reminding me about that. I should get cooking with those.

    I really like how you presented this review going as far as listing and explaining all the features. And I really like that you can be their representative online.

    Have Nice Day.

    • Hi Lemuel,

      You read it now and you know more than others what is jaaxy is Jaaxy keyword Tool about?
      I promise to make this review up to date and more informative so that the readers know almost everything about Jaaxy and keep it as reference for further invistagations.

      Great to know you know and use Jaaxy. It really shortcut to Have winning keywords.

      Take Care & keep doing magic with Jaaxy.

  13. Hey Friend,

    It is such super comprehensive Jaaxy review. I use the software and can’t complain. Even though some people complain that some search results aren’t accurate, (from your post I can see which results aren’t accurate, like brainstorm). I think the overall PROS is making this particular keyword tool worth trying.

    It served me for already more than 3 years, and I have no intention to switch. Especially, when it comes to a standard package plan with Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership.

    • Hi Julius,

      Jaaxy lite and enterprise are both the bonus for Wealthy affiliate premium and premium plus, and it is no brainer that these must tools for any marketer/blogger these days.
      Any keywords I got from Jaaxy is as hot bread, rank quickly in all search engines.

      Nice to have your comment here.


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