What is The NeoBux Scam?-Is It Worth Your Time and Money or Not?

I can guess you definitely expect that I’m going to convince you to try NeoBux, isn’t it? To be honest, I’ll not. I expect you’re really want to know what is the Neobux scam? and you’ve reached your destination. Welcome to my Neobux review. You knew here the hiding truth about Neobux that they don’t like to be known. I’ll explain to you why should not join NeoBux and even if you are there, you can rethink about your situation at NeoBux and correct it after reading this review.

I’ll let you see what you cannot see before and what the other positive plus reviews do not tell you, and why they keep writ the positive plus reviews over and over again. You’ll know why it is not worthy your time and money and not enough to replace your 9 to 5 jobs. So keep reading to enhance your self-education.

NeoBux Overveiw
Product: Neobux
Website: www.neobux.com
Product type: PTC (Paid To Click) platform
Price: Free to join, Paid membership (Golden member at $90 per year)
Scam / Legit? : Legit
Recommended or not?:  NOT recommended.

Neobux is the oldest PTC site that has been founded for around 13 years ago. It is a legitimate paying site. In addition to viewing ads, many other ways were offered to earn on the NeoBux.

The main reasons letting me do not recommend Neobux are because of its low earning potential, as well as many negative reviews by real users (I’m one of them) about rental referrals, fake NeoBux traffic, wasting time and money on the platform.

If you do not want to waste your time and your money on platforms that will not pay back your money and feel free, check out my #1 recommendation for working from a laptop at any time from anywhere.

Keep reading my NeoBux review to known details about why NeoBux is not recommended.

What Is The NeoBux Scam? – Is It Worth Your Time and Money or Not?

What Is The NeoBux ?

NeoBux is one of PTC sites, which stands for “Paid To Click” sites. Briefly, a NeoBux site (neobux.com) is a kind of website that pays you for clicking on ads (and sometimes completing surveys and mini-tasks) and watching those ads for a period that could range from 5-30 seconds. NeoBux was founded by Fernando in 2008.

How To Make Money From NeoBux?

NeoBux claims that you can earn money using some or all of the following:- 1- Doing what the NeoBux offering (survey, offers, tasks, play online game, viewing ads, referral system),
  • Viewing advertisements: prices of ads rely on the membership type.
  • Completing tasks (mini jobs) and offers:
  • Taking marketing surveys: the reward from survey did not depend on the membership type
  • winning using NeoBux AdPrize
  • Playing free online games
  • Using NeoBux referral system
2- Advertising at NeoBux to turn NeoBux viewers to customers! (This is the implicit scam I never see before).

How To Join NeoBux?

Standard Membership – Free to join, – Receive from $0.001 – $0.015 per ad click, – Up to 300 rented referrals, Paid Memberships Yearly golden membership: $90 or 30,000 Points (one point / viewing ad), Golden Membership NeoBux

By the upgrade to the yearly golden membership, an emerald/Sapphire, Diamond/Platinum and Ultimate are other membership packs to have more desired features. Below image shows the differences among these 5 membership packs.

Features of Golden NeoBux Packs

My #1 recommendation for working from a laptop is cheaper than the Golden NeoBux pack. Have a look to know that my #1 recommendation is high quality with less price (as $299/year). 

Is The Advertising On NeoBux Scam Or Not?

Types of NeoBux Clicks

As you can see, the above click packs within NeoBux is not sufficient to have a successful campaign. Basically, when you advertising anything to the NeoBux traffic, you just send your offer (product or service) to un-targeted customers. Only you can do is filtering, age,, countries and of course set the time to send ads, and these factors are not enough.

The cost of ads on NeoBux is controlled by viewing duration, and number of clicks. As long as, the duration or number of clicks increase, the cost of ads increase as well.

To answer the above question, you first should known what is the real sources of real traffics and then I can tell the honest answer.

What is The Differences Between The Traffic From NeoBux and Other Search Engines in Term of Having Real Customers?

Comparison between NeoBux and Google Traffic

The traffic from NeoBux (almost related to PTC niche) just come from NeoBux members itself so if I’m not member in NeoBux, never be included within this traffic to view ads. NeoBux always provide paid traffic, but Google and other search engines, the traffic is 2 types: first, free traffic coming from anyone who use the search engines to search for specific thing using keywords (has account or not). Second, the paid traffics come from advertising on websites which has been indexed and ranked at search engines under huge varieties of niches so this paid traffic can be targeted.

All traffic you buy from search engines, you required not to pay the money only but provide your trade number there (treat you as business owner), but for NeoBux case, it is looking for your money only to sell you the dump traffic!

The paid Neobux traffic do not convert and just waste of money as most the traffic at Neobux looking for view ads only without have real look to the content of ads as the audience is not interested in anything except pinnies. On the other hand, the paid search engines traffic (google ads words, for example) can be converted probably if you send traffic to your website and known how to target the audience using keywords

I cannot stop telling you that traffic from search engines is real people who are searching for what you are exactly offering(using keywords). The conversion per cent will surprise you and you can control this traffic the way you like.

I can conclude that traffic from Neobux which is one of PTC networks acts such as non-human traffic (BOT traffic) rather than real people. So from my experience at NeoBux all click packs (NeoBux traffic ) are considered an outright scam and it’s not recommended at all, however, they’re real people!. If you’re really would like to have the targeted traffic, welcome to my #1 recommendation to learn and practice how to drive real traffic from the legit real source (Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Yandex) when you working from a laptop.

What Is The Purpose of NeoBux Traffic Then?

NeoBux is PTC site and all of its traffic are related to this niche. This truth never mentioned anywhere on the NeoBux site. Even if NeoBux traffic was driven to PTC offers, the NeoBux traffic will be saturated soon. So you can see that return of NeoBux traffic will be very limited.

NeoBux always review the advertisements before approve. They can accept or refuse the advisement if not match NeoBux traffic niche, but they not. As they never mind whether you got high converting or not. Even when they known your offer does not match traffic niche!

I can tell the main purpose of selling NeoBux traffic is to make more money flow and the risk come for who spend money on this traffic source. Using Neobux traffic for advertising usually won’t be very beneficial, especially if you’re trying to sell a product.

What I Don’t Like About NeoBux?

Many cons are related to NeoBux and I will address some below,

Expensive Rented Referrals Without Real Return

The rented referrals at NeoBux, not grantee to be active all time. This NeoBux product (rented referrals) relies on trial and error so that you should pay in advance for thing could work or not! If this is the case, you should expect to not return even the main cost and not only losing the expected profit.

For most members, they overcome losing money due to inactive rented referrals by being more active. They start filling surveys, complete offers, do tasks and I think this is one of the purposes of adding surveys, offers, tasks into NeoBus (basically neobux is PTC site). In other words, keep renting referrals and fill profit gap with surveys and so on! Clearly, some people are making money with Neobux. But its probably not from clicking on the ads.

Pay money to increase your earning! this is big cons with NeoBux as there is no other way around. How could this be with rented referrals? well, the answer is long but better known. As a standard member, you can rent 300 only and after being a NeoBux Golding member, you can rent 2000 referrals. Keep having one of golden pack to increase the limit of rented referrals.

Being active at NeoBux is one of the keys that NeoBux invests to push you pay more. How? read the next section.

You Better Stay Active Inside NeoBux Box Otherwise Pay More

NeoBux Similar To Box

You see that NeoBux Box filled with the activities which assume you’ll make money, but in somehow, you found yourself pay more money! It is box as you are in waiting yourself earn passively. All you do inside the NeoBux box is boring and no new sophisticated knowledge go through to be used on your behalf. You just stick inside the box!

The account can be temporarily suspended in case you’re not actively clicking or logging into NeoBux within a 30-day duration. your Neobux account will be closed without even warning email, only if your lack of activity extends into 60 days. Your account will be suspended even if you are Emerald/Platinum /sliver/ sapphire member (This one of the ways to rob the members out of money).

To avoid closing your account and earn from your rented and direct referrals without being really active, NeoBux offers Unlimited membership where your account never close after inactive 60 days but you should pay $890/year.

So now choose to pay more money or be always active! As you are inside the box, no freedom to have more than two choices. The real online opportunity helping you to earn passive income and treat you as a free creative creature, you do your online business and absent as you like and no need for further billing. I believe that successful online business give you more freedom to be more creative than usual. So if you’re actually looking to make a real income you probably should check out my #1 recommendation to work from laptop with less fee than NeoBux golden pack prices and literally, you earning limit is the sky.

Wasting Your Money and Time.

What is The NeoBux Scam

PTC sites are an old fashion style to make money online. NeoBux members are repeating what they’re doing every day.click their ads to receive active rented/free referrals commissions. Complete surveys do offers and tasks. The rented referrals can be a nightmare if they are not active, you need to replace them with more cost.

While you think that you’ve invested your time and money to make huge money on Neobux, you do not know that you’ve left behind to take the opportunity to learn and set up your own online business. You may now interest to be open your eyes on how to work from laptop to invest your time correctly and save your money wisely (less than $490/year is enough to be premium for a whole year and standing alone with successful online business).

Giving False Hope to Make Money

The fact is Neobux is joined by People who looking to earn some pocket money without really having to think about what they’re doing. for example, clicking AdPrize is just sort of luck game and decay your creativity!. The members found themselves pays more money for membership to expect to earn more money through uncertain way carrying trial and error attempt.

All your dreams with NeoBux is having ads with high prices (> $0.01) or having easy surveys with high rewarding, or having active direct or rented referrals or winning one year golden membership from AdsPrize. You known what? some of these are not granted every day. The online business is not about luck but it’s about legit and clear ways to make money. 

Why Do The Internet Fill With Positive (Fake) NeoBux Reviews Then?

Good question, and it is because many reasons,

  • To mislead you and make you sign up as direct referrals under them. As commissions from free referral is higher than rented referrals (But still pennies). I insist to use the word mislead because most NeoBux reviews will tell you about the total earning from NeoBux not the real profit (Receiving),

In most cases, the total earnings bigger than receiving. You can calculate profit as following:

Profit (Receiving) = Earning – Investments

  • These writers do not educate about other online business opportunities and having multi income streams,
  • Some NeoBux review writers do not know about the information I tell you here,
  •  They already invest some money and try to overcome any future losing by wasting some time for writing review,

The Final Verdict

NeoBux promises the members to make money online by viewing ads, doing tasks, complete surveys and offers and even using NeoBux traffic to have customers.while NeoBux help companies to distribute marketing surveys and conduct mini tasks online, but Neobux and fake NeoBux reviews are getting people’s hopes up by making them think they will be making great money. The misleading done with some of NeoBux products/services. The NeoBux traffic and rented traffic.

To sum up, NeoBux looks no scam as it pays the members but not recommended (Keep away from it) because I do not expect from NeoBux the following:-

  • Real replacement of your 9-5 job,
  • Enough/constant income source to pay your bills from (even Internet data monthly bill),
  • Real online Passive income opportunity
  • Be my own Business as you still work with NeoBux under its terms and conditions!
  • Legit traffic source for any niche

You can inverse your time and money for better value in one of my #1 recommendation to work from laptop and have the right knowledge/education to be paid back your invested time and money for sure. Check it by clicking one the below button.


It is my NeoBux review for 2022 and years to come, and I like to hear your opinions, experiences and questions about NeoBux whether you are beginner or expert. Feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section and tell what is letting you in or out of  NeoBux ?


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20 thoughts on “What is The NeoBux Scam?-Is It Worth Your Time and Money or Not?”

  1. Thanks for breaking down the business model of Neobux in order to help people decide whether or not they should invest their time (and money) on the service. At least you found that it was legit, but it’s great to know that after a thorough analysis it is not recommended. No one wants to waste time and / or money, so thank you for sharing your Neobux journey in order to help out anyone else who may be considering the service.

    • I try to give hand to people to know where the fake online traps in order to avoid falling there. I beilev that all people have the right to have more than income stream and this can be from ONLINE business because the online environment got unlimited abundance which is enough for all of us.

      The key to have your portion from the online abundance is to be educated perfectly and start where you can reach the help and this does exist with wealthy affiliate only.

  2. Sounds like another waste of valuable time and money. I’ve never heard of Neobux before but it seems to have red flags all over it. It never ceases to amaze me how many ways they can come up with these schemes to enrich themselves to the detriment of the end-user. Thank you for the review.

    • Hello Cristina,

      You’re welcome and I’m happy to help.

      Yes, red flag for some product and yallow flag is for some, and at the end NeoBux NOT recommended.

      great to see you comment on this post.

  3. Hi Safia, thank you very much for taking the time to write this comprehensive review. To be honest, I personally don’t like these kinds of sites as I can feel my mind going numb at the same time as my fingers. It’s really not something we’d wish to engage in for any length of time, isn’t it? There’s nothing new to learn. That said, I assumed these things didn’t work for me because I’m not interested and not because they’re actually practically scamming people. Hopefully, your readers will listen to your advice and NOT join them. I’ve been scammed out of my hard-earned money before so I’m ultra-cautious now.

    Thank you again for a thorough review. 🙂

    • Most of people have been scammed when they try to get online opportunity to start the business and this is basically because of fake reviews and this why I wrote this neobux review to let people know that spending money on Neobux is wrong investment (In wrong direction).

      let us calculate the cost for neobux. $ 90 for Golden membership and then $290 or $490 or in worset case $890 /year. My dear reader, pay these money on the right place and not in Neobux. 

  4. Hi Safia,

    Thanks for your honest review on this.

    Neobux, really doesn’t seem like it is worth the time and effort if you would like to pay your bills!

    There is so many schemes out there that don’t work and I really appreciate the time that you have spend to review so the rest of us don’t have to waste our time.

    Looking forward to reading some more reviews!

  5. Thanks for the honest review and not being part of those who post fake review about this platform. I registered on this site few months ago as it was highly recommended by some sites and tried taking surveys. Halfway through the survey where I answered absolutely honestly the survey would just end and an “Oops” message pops up and say I can’t continue. So frustrating and annoying! Plus it also take ages for pages to load though I have an excellent Internet connection speed.

    My advise to anyone who has it in mind to join this platform “don’t waste your time on this site seriously!”


    • Hello Jordan,

      Thanks for sharing your experience about Neobux as you just stay there a few months. I was there more than 6 months, and I get the fact that I become trapped inside NeoBux box! I did not learn anything new except spend huge time for some cents! With the time, you’ll stop be creative.

      with regard to marketing surveys, I agree with you. Some marketing surveys do not pay to the Neobux members and when they contact the Neobux they advise you to contact survey supplier instead of solving the issue for their members.

      It just waste  time and money! I always wondering why the top fan of NeoBux do not try this best online business opportunity instead of clicking ads and fill surveys. I’m afraid NeoBux  just let them run out of human creativity.

      Thanks again for your valued input.

  6. I was a member of Neobux way back and I am surprised to see that it  is still going strong. The reason I stopped using the site is that the time spent on it didn’t warrant my earnings. I was getting less than 50 c per hour so it made more sense to start my own online website. 

    Now I can make money even when I am not sitting at my computer  so this to me is a far better option. I cant comment on Neobux traffic as have never bought any but organic traffic is by far the best type of traffic to get. 

    • hello Michel,

      Now you can make money while you sleep too and this is all becasue the right eduaction you have taken with the my #1 recommendation to start online business and working from laptop.

      Thanks for landing here and add your experience for other readers.

  7. I was curious about NEO BUX program and then ended up landing on your website. I am glad to see that you have explained about this product and have opened up the eyes of eager People whom are looking for some extra income. Thanks for this honest review.
    I am more excited for your #1 recommendation and I then went trough your link to see what would be your best offer for us. It was also incredible offer!  I would sincerely like to say thank you very much and it is obvious that I will pass on your post to my fellow and will undoubtedly recommend to them your offer as well.

    All the best-Keep writing the great reviews.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      Most people have urgent demand to money and this lead them joining PTC sites where you can check out with small amount of money and without authority registered business. This makes more sense why people stay with them and try harder to gain more than the capital investment.

      By the way, NeoBux did not check out using Paypal for the members. anyone should double check about this point.

  8. Greetings & thanks for this review.  Here’s more proof of how careful we must be when it comes to paid traffic.   People will promise us the moon to get our money. I agree with your number one choice, WA. They are really looking to help and not gouge. I’ve been with them since March and I haven’t regretted it so far..I hope this review is observed my many that they can be made aware.
    Thanks for the opportunity to view your post!

    • Yep, I agree that some people promise the fake moon to have our real money!

      I do my job to increase people’s awareness to choose the best online opportunity to start business with full confident. When anyone choose online business to start should have look closely and work with the big dogs who know which business model can stay survive for long term.

      Thanks for your wealth input.

      Take care

  9. There are many online scams out there and every day people fall for them. I personally have been scammed and it is not a good feeling to lose your hard earned money. Thanks for exposing this scam and showing people the proper way to build a business online with Wealthty Affiliate.

    • Hi Bill,

      I’m so sorry to know that you have been scammed. As the Internet filled with the scammers, we need to make a lot of search online to choose where we pay our money.

      Wealthy affiliate is a perfect and honey online business opportunity.

      You’re welcome.

      Take care.

  10. Hi Safia,

    Exposing online scams is something we all should do at least once in our lifetime. Too many people have been the victims of online pirates who don’t care about anybody but themselves. Websites that expose scams and at the same time show people the right way to be a success online, are the best example of true independent thinkers. I know this because I myself was scammed and more people need to be aware of these scams.

    Thank you so much

    • Hello Smith,

      You’re completely right. We should try to tell others about the scammers to avoid them and don’t fall into their traps.

      Be safe, Smith


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