What Is Wealthy Affiliate About A scam Or Not – A Review For 2022

Did you wondering at any time, what is wealthy affiliate about a scam or not. If so, this review was written for YOU to know the honest answer.

This review attempts to answer this question accurately. As well as, it will show you how the WA community can train you to build a successful online business from scratch. It’ll also explain the cost of WA memberships as never done before to choose which options suit you at the current stage. It’ll show the details of WA main training, and success stories from WA’s community as well.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About A scam Or Not?: Wealthy Affiliate Overview

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BBB Rating: A+ (97-100 in grade ratings),
Years in Business: 17,
Business started: 2005,
Owners: Carson & Kyle,
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com,
Cost: Free & Paid 

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate is the marketing training center providing many internet marketing services to help all levels of entrepreneurs in building successful online businesses. It includes education, websites, domains, hosting, keywords research tool, and support, 1 to 1 coaching and more. In other words, WA is the online university that guarantees you to get great permanent work not only after finish the courses (as the old-fashioned university does) but also during the study duration.

Wealthy affiliate was founded by two gentlemen called Carson (On the left) and Kyle (On the right).


Wealthy Affiliate is 14 years in the marketing industry and got a huge online community from 193 countries around the World which are over than 1.4 millions members. More than 1,800 from this community are expert coaches, and WA helped to create more than 10,000 monthly.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About A scam Or Not

Both free and paid memberships are considered at WA, and both have offered a group of options. The free membership allows any registered member to have free access to whatever offered free there. The member who holds free membership is called Starter, and the free membership is considered as default membership at the WA.

While premium membership allows any starter to pay a periodical fee to have access to all provided services and products at WA for a specific time and it can be renewed or cancelled. As a result, any premium member could not pay the fee at a particular time will be terminated after a specific time. SCARY, ISN’T IT? to answer this question and MORE, you need to keep reading this review, you will see the great opportunity in everything at WA.

What Does Wealthy affiliate Train The Members?

Wealthy affiliate trains the members on how to build a website to start blogging. The training teaches exactly how to choose your interest correctly, how to build a website, how to get visitors, and how to earn money. Summary of WA teaching strategy is below.

Teaching strategy at wealthy affiliate

Step1 : Choose an Interest

Your interest is what you’re passionate about or willing to learn about. Find your real interest and go to the second step.

Step2: Build a Website

You can Build the website which makes your interest its main topic. Building a website is much easier with Wealthy affiliate and can be done in four steps for 30 sec.

Step3: Attract Visitors

Once your website is online, Wealthy Affiliate will train you how to drive traffic by content on your website. The income is the results of traffic. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you many ways on how to attract traffic to your website.

Step4: Earn Revenue

There’re many methods to monetize your website to earn money and affiliate marketing is one of common ways. Wealthy affiliate role is to help you find, join, and earn money through different affiliate programs.

Similarities and Differences Between WA Memberships

The only similarity is that both memberships provide almost the same services which are WA education, WA websites, WA hosting, WA domains, WA community help, WA blog and WA affiliate program, however, the two main differences are the access level to these services, and duration of this access, therefore, the cost.

The starter member has access to fewer services than premium membership. This means less education (training), fewer websites, less hosting, fewer domains, less community help, less WA blog, and less recurring commissions from WA affiliate program.


Insights on Wealthy affiliate Free vs. Premium Memberships

In this section, I will explain precisely how the premium membership differs from starter membership, and what exactly is more accessible for premium members than starters. We are all read that with WA premiums, you always get more, and more and more! More education, hosting, domain, community access, help, research keywords tool! Stay tuned because you will get more insights than ever before.


1. Wealthy Affiliate Training

The learning about online marketing is the common factor between the WA main goal and WA members. As some members are visional learners and others are reading learners, and all can find the appropriate type of training at WA. All WA training were organised into 13 WA classrooms. These classrooms are as followings:-

  1. Getting Started (Starter &Premium)
  2. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform (Starter & Premium)
  3. Keyword, Niche, and Market Research (Premium Only)
  4. Everything WordPress (Premium Only)
  5. Authoring & Writing Content (Premium Only)
  6. Search Engine Optimization (Premium Only)
  7. Pay Per Click Marketing (Premium Only)
  8. Social Engagement & Marketing (Premium Only)
  9. Website Development & Programming (Premium Only)
  10. Local Marketing (Premium Only)
  11. Video Marketing (Premium Only)
  12. Email Marketing (Premium Only)
  13. WA Affiliate Program (Premium Only)

Three types of WA training, included within classrooms, are provided with discussion’s part and expert’s help. The First type is tutorial which is text-based and walks through training; the second type is a video which is video-based training. The third type is a course which is lessons and task-based training. Each classroom has discussions part which includes the related questions and answers which come from “Ask a Question”. The experts at each classroom are the top contributors to answer questions as they are more familiar with the subject area of the classroom than others.

wealthy affiliate training in classrooms

I will classify the WA training based on the trainer. If you have a look to all WA training, WA founders or Jay, or community have delivered the WA training. These training has been termed with a specific name as you will read in the next sections.

Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Courses


The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is the main course within Wealthy affiliate, and Kyle (Founder) is the trainer. It consists of 5 courses included 50 essential lessons. It is made to convert any passion you interest into a real online business.

Wealthy affiliate main courses

All these courses (level1-levl5) are action-based. The free level 1 is available for the starters. Completing these courses is really up to the member, but the general advice should not skip any task within the courses. These courses are recommended for everyone who wants to know remarkable in-depth knowledge about online business and for that who have long experience, but the success not achieved yet.

  • level1- Getting Started (Free Starter&premium;),

The WA keystone training is OEC, and any starter does get rolling within getting started (OEC level 1). This training is a take-action based course, and you can see many tasks waiting to be accomplished at the end of each lesson. This way was made to ensure taking the best benefit from Wealthy affiliate OEC course. OEC level 1 is recommended for anyone new to Wealthy affiliate or having fresh starting in a new brand niche, or who struggling with any niche or who needs to learn the basics of online business.

OES level1 summary
Brief description for OEC level1
OES level1
OEC level1 Descriptipn
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  • level2- Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (premium only),

OES level2 summary
Brief description for OEC level2
OES level2
OEC level2 Descriptipn
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  • level3- Making Money! (premium only),

OES level3 summary
Brief description for OEC level3
OES level3
OEC level3 Descriptipn
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  • level4- Mastering Social Engagement (premium only),

OES level4 summary
Brief description for OEC level4
OES level4
OEC level4 Descriptipn
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  • level5- Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (premium only).

what is OEC level 5 is consist of
what is OEC level 5 is about
OEC level5
OEC level 5 Description
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Weekly Live Training


The live webinar is aired each week (52 live classes/year) within WA by Jay. Live webinars are on time, detailed, variety of marketing topics, and interactive. All recorded webinars are available for premiums only shortly after a few hours.

The recorded webinars are listed in WA classrooms into the video section and can be watched by researching Live Events directory. Just imagine 1000’s of live recording webinars are accessible for premiums to start an online business or go to the next level.

Within the live webinars, you never get any upsell. How many times you attend free or even paid webinar, and at the end, you got upsell promotion? With WA live training, you never are asked to buy any product or service within/out WA. So how Jay close the live webinar? He always ends with Q&A and then telling about webinar topic next week.

All premiums receive notifications Before the webinar is aired by half an hour. Two webinars were about Google Analytics and how it works. Below is some of the reviews of WA attended members about the aired webinar.

WA live webinar
WA live event review
WA live event review
WA live event review
WA live event review
WA live event review
Live WA webiner
Karim's review
Ken's review
KMeyer's review
Bryan's review
Karim's review
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Community Training


The WA community and the way how delivering the care is one of the most components showing WA as an open education project. The community training is real proof of how WA members are willing to help each other. To have quick access to Community training within WA, you can use the main WA research bar or research within WA classrooms.

The starters can’t create any training (Tutorial, video, or course); however, any premium member can start creating and delivering training to the WA community after the first three months from joining as premium. Besides, some of the community training is open to all WA members, and some are only exclusive to premiums, and this is entirely up to training’s creator.

For instance, if you like to learn about how to make a professional logo for your blog, there are much training showing how exactly creating a great logo using free tools without spending any piny. The WA community deliver proper low-cost training which is ahead of much outside training made by other companies.


where to create training at Wealthy Affiliate

2. Personal Affiliate Blog

WA blog is one of the highest-ranked blogs in Google within the entire Internet and can be leveraged to start earning revenue. In somehow, the WA blog is integrated and embedded with the WA affiliate program so that anyone joins WA after visiting your WA blog; then WA blogger (YOU) can earn some credits and money if you have used the WA blog correctly.

Start Blogging at Wealthy Affiliate

Starters have the privilege to blog within WA only for the first 7 days, while premium can do so as long as the premium membership is active.

3. Wealthy Affiliate Tools

WA has a group of tools to help run an online business. All the WA tools are easy to use and make great results. Let us see the WA tool in the next sections,


WA Website Tools


The website is the basic tool for any online business as the website basically relays on driving free traffic. Any successful website (Business) requires a site manager, great hosting, domain, features, site SSL, site security, site support, and site engagements and site analysis, and more. WA in this aspect can be called All-in-one website tools.

Wealthy Affiliate website
  • Site Manager

A site manager is a tool allowing you to manage all aspects of your websites and included with WA websites platform. Site Manager provides access to all of your websites (back office of the website) and the SiteHealth to each website and management to SitePlus+. Summary of information about PageSpeed Insights featured included, Installed Plugins and WA hosted included. The site manager is All-in-One management tool for WordPress websites.


The site manager has synched between the WordPress and Wealthy affiliate. This synchronicity makes the access to all your WordPress websites doable after the entrance to WA account and logs in via site manager. Imagine if you have many websites for any reason; for example, you are a website’s designer, then it is better to have management of your websites at one place. Moving your owned website out of WA can be done by just a few clicks, in case you are about to sell your website for instance.

Sitemanager to manager several sites
  • SiteHealth website analysis platform

Site health summary is available for each website you host at WA. The detailed site health analysis shows what the performance of the website (to start improving the ranking for overall conversions) is. The following aspects are essential within the site health analysis,

Publishing Frequency

Content Quality & Variety

Site Trust

Visitor Engagement (Comments)

Your Engagement

Site comment &Website Feedback

By upgrade to premium, you can unlock the whole site health tool and get all important information about the progress of your website.

  • Site Builder (SiteRubix Builder)

Building a Website is not that difficult any more as you think after releasing SiteRubix, the site builder. Anyone can build a website in less than 30S at Wealthy affiliate. WA deal technology with all problematic parts of building the websites, and you can enjoy having a new site running instantly online.

In WA, you can build a website/s using any of  these domains’ types:

1- Free domain (For both Starter & Premium),

2- Registered domain at WA (For both starter & Premium) / Transfer domain to WA, if you have any ( For Premiums only),

3- Your owned domain ( For both Starter &premium).

No need to go through any complex process to build a new website using SiteRubix. Just four simple steps can be done with big fun to have a pretty new site:

1- Choose the kind of website that you want to build (Free website),

2- Choose the name of your domain and website

3- Choose any theme for the appearance of your website

4- Build your awesome website

How to build Site using Sitebuilder
  • Site Domain

Purchasing domain is available for all members at WA. The site domain is integrated with siteRubix hosting for premium members only. As a result, the starter members cannot host any purchased domain at WA. The premium can own and host up to 25 domains at WA. WA site domain provides free privacy and flat cost for both starter and premium members to purchase a domain, but the premiums have the hosting, Email, support services only.

Starter Domain Features
Premium Domain Features
Starter Domain
Premuim Domain
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The process of buying the domain and set up your website takes a few minutes to have a live site (no waiting or struggling). The free features for WA domains (security, privacy, unlimited email accounts) are at expensive cost from other companies. For example, privacy & protection cost more than $50/year and this makes WA is the preferred domain provider. The cost comparison of features of domains is shown below.


domains cost at wealthy affiliate
  • Site Hosting (SiteRubix Hosting)

The siteRubix is hosting platform of WA and hosting features differ between the starter and premium (Internal hosting at WA). The common four features of SiteRubix hosting are the faster hosting (powered by Amazon server hosting), doubling hosting of your website, right security and backup every day, but the rest of the features differs.

For example, SiteRubix offers hosting 1 free website for starters and 10 free websites for premiums. But wait a minute! Does siteRubix provide the same hosting features for both starter and premium for the free sites? To be honest NO! The below table is the comparison summary for internal hosting features between starter and premiums at WA.

What I would like to add here is:

Host speed: Not the same for both and as the hosting speed for premium is faster than the starter, but it can be enough.

Website space: This needs explanation in term of starting a business as WA starter so keep reading :

5 GB for starter VS. 30 GB for premium so what does this data means in term of website contents?

The average size of a web page/post is around 2MB, so this 5 GB is equivalent to 2,500 pages/posts (for the starter) and 15,000 pages/posts (for the premium) of content across your network of sites.

Here some maths calculations,

5GB=5000/2=2500 post/page,

30GB = 30000/2=15000 post/page,

To sum up, you can see that free website for any starter is enough to have a plain successful site if you did it right, you could post 2,500 articles via the Internet. You can still get a good rank and earn! As results of that, The Wealthy affiliate is providing a GREAT REAL opportunity to start FREE without paying any penny!

Think About it just for a moment! who give away free site SSL, free host and free security of websites for anyone and everyone to start an online business? The answer is NO company does so right now except the WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

Meanwhile, If the starter owns already website/s, then to transfer the domain to be hosted at WA can only be done when starter upgrades to premium as the premiums can transfer any owned domains to and from WA.

Below is a comparison between the hosting at WA and many companies regardless of the same features. The comparison shows that WA offers the lowest monthly price among other companies.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About, About A scam Or What

All of the above features of WA hosting have made the beginners and the experts grow their business with WA and prefer it more than other expensive hosting companies. Hint: WA hosting cost can be less than $30, just keep reading this review to know the right plan to have a huge discount.

  • SiteContent

Site content version 1.0 is WA writing platform which helps you through the writing process. It is a helpful tool for many bloggers. The site content platform provides the following:

Both Starter and Premium:

1- Creating a template to accelerate the writing process and saving time,

2- Sitting your writing goals and tracking your accomplishments,
3- An indicator of your writing status

4- Indicator for index status of published articles

5- Grammar checker

6- Publish directly to WordPress website to save more time

7- Automatic saving for all reversions of any article written inside it,

8- Writing platform for the English language
9- Synchronised with Jaaxy Keywords research tool to save more time through search and writing process
10- Resizing the image just with few clicks (easier than resizing in WordPress)

For Premium Only:

11- Access to over Million of free images,
12- Image Optimizer working in the background,



The site content can be a suitable replacement for many plugins ( causing slowing your website) or other separated writing/editing platforms, so join now for free and try site content platform version 1.0 as it is the dream of many bloggers. The site content version 2.0 is coming soon so make sure don’t miss it out.


Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research Tool


WA keyword research tool lets you know about the words that people have used to search into search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) to collect the required information. The people who used these keywords have different attitudes through, and the keyword research tool teaches you about it. It told you about how many time people searched with specific keywords and number of competitive websites that use these keywords and expected how much traffic if any post used this keyword, has been ranked into search engines.

The Key research tool at wealthy affiliate is Jaaxy. JAAXY is an external product but included at WA with starter & premium membership. The starter got only 30 searches with Jaaxy starter trail. You can get free unlimited searches (Lite Jaaxy) with WA premium membership or upgrade with Jaaxy platform itself. To create an online campaign for any niche, choosing the suite keywords can be done effectively by Jaxxy.


Lite Jaxxy (personal, I use for 2 years) is only offered as a bonus when a starter member has upgraded to wealthy affiliate premium. It is your chance to grab Lite Jaaxy for free.

comparison between Jaaxy starter & lite
Start Trying Wealthy Affiliate Tools for Free Today


4. Wealthy Affiliate Support

Everyone, when starts a new business or even think to start a new business, needs real help from the trusted community. If you could not have enough support that you require when things go confusing or wrong, you may fail as the people give up by 90% when they can’t reach the right answers to their questions. We all need the support as we’ve got stuck frequently and this why WA provides proper support from the right people at any time inside the WA community. The support at Wealthy affiliate is NUMBER ONE because it’s part of the open education project of WA and not just specific facebook group has a few admins to answer any question. At WA you have a massive community from around the World. The following is an outline of available support at WA,

good variety in community WA
Private Messaging (PM)

PM privately provides communications with any premium WA member to get the help they need. By contacting privately, you can discuss any personal confusion about the process, or specific training, or getting feedback for any comparing and so on. You can reach the WA owners in private and ask questions (1-on-1 support and mentoring from experts). This privilege of PM is restricted to premiums only.

Live Chatting

It is an instant live chat on 24/7. Each time, you are online at WA, you can see live chatting happen. It is the beating heart of WA. Instant questions got instant answers no matter which place you are on the World. Live coaching and help with WA experts. The privileges of live chat continue for the first 7 days for starters while still open for premiums.

The best thing about WA community is that you are never alone even the founders are involved within live chatting. There is always an answer, and it is still someone there to help you. The entire WA community is rooting for your success.

Live Chat At WEalthy Affiliate
Asking A question

Any WA member can ask a question within the “ask question” platform, and premiums only can provide an answer. I mentioned above that the question is classified under specific training classroom. As the questions are placed into training classrooms, then any WA member can search within training classrooms to find the relevant answer from early answers or can send new questions to the WA community.

The starter can ask a question for the first 7 days only, while premium can send the questions as long as premium membership is active.


Website Feedback/Comment Platform

The website feedback and comment platform is the trusted place where you can request feedback reviews on your website or request high-quality comments on any post of your website from WA entrepreneur community in a few clicks. You need to form your request in a few seconds and waiting for replays to confirm or disconfirm the feedback/comment. This platform is made to increase trust and authenticity of your website.

It can be done using WA credit system as by providing feedback on 2 websites; you can have in exchange one requested feedback. The premiums are only allowed to ask and deliver engaged comments on the contents (Posts) of their websites.

The WA definitely provide more and guess what? You can ALWAYS get free comments and feedback from the community.


Upgrading From The Starter to Premium: Pay Attention to This Plan.

One scenario is available to upgrade to a premium and is shown in the below illustration. The first plan is direct upgrading from starter to premium, and then you have access to ALL paid services inside WA and more. The common plan is applying by the starters because they do not know about the provided paid services yet so that they don’t follow the possible plan. You can do the pre-payment monthly, or half-yearly, or yearly to be WA premium member. If you are ready to succeed and want full access to WA, then this plan is for you.



Payment Options – More Flexible Than Before.

Payment options are made more flexible than before for both starters and premiums as a result of a significant update to the whole payment process in 2019. First, WA has added half-year as a new choice for pre-payment. Second, half-yearly and yearly pre-payment options have been available for the starters too. Third, all members can even change the chosen pre-payment option later.

Three Payment Option At Wealthy Affiliate

Four advantages are related to the four updating of WA payment options. First, for both starters and premiums, half-year prepayment has offered a 20% discount for each month which equals to decrease $60 each half-year. Second, As starter now you can directly upgrade by half-yearly or yearly pre-payment options to save more without needing to be premium first. Third, the possibility to exchange among payment options lets members control their budget to avoiding any expected financial hardships. Forth, with using the new order page, members do not need to pay the whole bill at once, but the premium member can pay a small amount of money at any time while the member is on the chosen payment option ( Today, I prepaid $58 only in my payment cycle, and I stay with the same payment option, see below image).

three payment options at WA
Premium Payment Options at Wealthy Affiliate
Premium Payment Options at Wealthy Affiliate
Payment Types
Payment Types
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Available Discounts For Premium Upgrading

You can get a higher discount only if your purchase has a long membership cycle (duration). The most top cut is 49% when the member chooses to upgrade yearly in Black Friday time only (23-26 Nov. each year).

With the upgrade annually at any time during the year, the 39% discount is given. 20% discount is applied with the half-year payment option. Zero % discount is considered with a monthly pre-payment option except for the first month of joining (61% discount).

Summary for available WA discounts

The Monthly Cost During A Year for all Payment Options.

All premiums have always paid the flat cost each month from 2005 until now as no upsell is offered in WA. The monthly cost as shown in the below diagram. Lowest monthly price is given with yearly payment options (24.92$-29.9$ for the whole year).

What is Wealthy Affiliate about A scam or not


Payment Types – WA Credit Is Included Now

Now three payment types are accepted at WA. Credit Card and PayPal are already there before, and the WA credit is added recently in 2019. The WA credit is WA currency, and two ways to earn it. First, it is gained doing internal activities within WA or joining WA affiliate program; second, it is a possible gift received from another WA member. Starter member has fewer turns to win WA credits than premiums by joining WA affiliate program only.

The WA credit helps the members buying the premium membership/domains within WA platform. Gifted WA credits can be transferred through Credit Dashboard to another member (Starter or Premium). Wealthy Affiliate credits can be converted to a dollar, and each 2 WA credits are equivalent to $1.

Wealthy Affiliate Payment Types

Periodically and Daily Cost of WA Membership For All Payment Options and Types

Here is a summary of the total expense of premium membership with US dollars and WA credits. First time when I joined WA, I was looking for the total cost of premium membership, and I never found any review provided any clear answer!, So that I have arranged all this information into a simple table. Surprisingly, I find that the WA average daily cost is around $1 or 2 WA credits only.

Wealthy Affiliate Cost Explained

If you are still on the fence of WA, you can come in through THIS GATE for free and choose your suitable plan today to start learning how to make money online.

The Success at Wealthy Affiliate: Does It Really Happen?

Literally, yes. WA has 1000’s of happy, successful members since 2005. WA members share their success stories every day. They are posting about their first sale, and how they quit their offline job, and some are talking about how they reach half millions in revenue. The amazing thing is that some WA members are new to affiliate marketing and they’re doing great.

No Need to Believe Me Straight Away! Hold on and Watch the Successful WA members. They accomplish their goals to reach success by having full income just by working from the laptop as affiliate marketers.

Eric Wealthy Affiliate
Eric Wealthy Affiliate
littlemama Wealthy Affiliate
littlemama Wealthy Affiliate
jerry Wealthy Affiliate
jerry Wealthy Affiliate
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Littlemama, Jerry, Eric and others are all meet together with other wealthy affiliates in Vegas conference 2018 as super affiliates and this journey is gifted by Wealthy affiliate.

Success at Wealthy Affiliate

Imagine that you are one of the happy, successful members at WA – If you imagine it, then you can achieve it. The main difference between you and the others is that they started earlier than you; however, you can go through the same pathway to online success by creating a new starter account. There is nothing to lose. Just you can join WA platform and reach me and the owners (Kyle & Carson).


Wealthy Affiliate Pros  vs. Cons: Personal Opinion

I have been in Wealthy affiliate since 2017 and never regret this decision ever. On the other side, WA is like everything in any business has some pros and cons and I found many pros and a few cons as following:-


  • The main pro. is that it relies and focuses on organic SEO as the traffic generation method, and this leads to long term business. Imagine you expert in WordPress and website design and SEO and more, you can leverage all of these skills to money! Do not forget, the free traffic will get from the five search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu), if getting 1000 from each, then you have 5,000 targeted traffic which can be converted to real customers ($$).
  • WA platform is for both beginners and advanced marketers,
  • Up to date training within the marketing industry,
  • When you are involved with a premium membership,  NO demand to buy anymore training from outside WA (non-WA training has huge upsells),
  • No fear from dropping with online spammers anymore when you joined WA because WA is spam-free community(No Joke!),
  • No upsell after you get the premium membership (Buying a domain from WA is not up-sell as you can move your domain any elsewhere whenever you decide),
  • WA has great positive energy as WA experts are ready to help at any time and sharing their success stories about their own business,
  • Any domain hosting at WA never get down because of the state of art hosting,
  • WA is improving every year in all aspects (Updates occur every year),
  • WA founders are available if you need any help (Seriously),
  • No country is excluded from the WA premium membership, and the cost is less than what should be,
  • Wealthy affiliate has been ‘wowing’ people and helping them achieve their online dream business for 17 years ago,
  • All-in-one platform: It helps to save huge time as training, support, tools, and community are all in one place and this is because that the synchronising and integrating among the WA tools is smartly well done until now.
  • Absolutely, no upsell: This feature is rare to be in affiliate marketing training business nowadays


  • Wealthy affiliate is a bit confusing (Because it is a rich source of education, tools, a community for affiliate markers) especially if you’re new to affiliate marketing or you’re first time step in WA without reading this deep and unique review which let you know most information that you never read in any review else.

I Want You to Start and Grow A Successful Online Business

My main aim is to help you start and grow your online business. Some of us who never start online business thinks that build an online business is overwhelming because everyone needs to search alone everywhere online to have the legit way to do it right and answer too many questions about building website, Hosting, hosting support, real coaching, community, keyword research tool, legit training, successful proof of the strategy, writing content, social media and so on. Yes, I agreed because I went through the same nightmare before. So what does change with me?

What is Wealthy Affiliate About, About A scam Or What

All that overwhelming just have disappeared from the day I sign up into WA and have all that I need to build a successful online business. Wealthy affiliate is All -in- One online business building place and It has worked for me and will for any/everybody who takes action.


Now, What Is Wealthy Affiliate About A Scam Or Not?

My Final Verdict & Unique Bonus

I should here end with the answer to your question which is “What is Wealthy Affiliate about? A trap without a doubt?”. My final statement is that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam or a trap but totally legit online opportunity without a doubt since 2005 and this is based on the rating of BBB website and this in-depth review.

I’ll offer you two bonuses. first, when you become a starter and set up your account properly, I’ll get in touch with you with your bonus. Second,  when you decide to move from starter to premium, I’ll let you know how to claim your bonus using WA private message, and this second bonus will suit your situation to start online success journey.

Wealthy Affiliate Member’s Area Tour

You may be kind of visualized person and prefer to see short tour instead of reading! I completely understand this as It makes more sense for you. Click the below video and have a look at wealthy affiliate member’s area tour.

Video Walking You Through Wealthy Affiliate (WA Video Review)

Video Transcription

I’m going to tell you a little bit about wealthy affiliate in a few minutes, but i thought I’d just let you kind of have a over my shoulder look and you can just take a look around and see. What’s actually in wealthy affiliate and I’ll start talking a little bit more in a minute and tell you a few things you need to know about it, but for now just enjoy taking a look around you ugh uh uh, you hey, okay, um! Okay, hmm you um! This is a really nice feature when you want to write your post for your blogs for your it didn’t matter how many websites that you have that are hosted here. All you got to do is create new and it will open up.

You can either start a blank document or you can use a template that you’ve created previously and from a template, it’ll populate and show the different things that you’ve created some of the templates that i use. If you want to do a you know whatever it is that you want to use, you just select the template and start writing which count down in there once you get your uh, and you also have all your you know your um different heading sizes that you Can select all your different tools when you finish it or you know periodically as you go through creating contents, you can have it check, spelling grammar punctuation and all that, okay and if you’re ready after that, one, you can certainly save it and you can publish it If you want to publish it, it’s going to ask you which website you want to publish it to you know list all the sites that you have. I’ve got quite a few most people starting out. We just have one website, but you select your website. Click post and we’re not going to we’re not going to finish this, but let’s just go ahead and pick one.

Let’s say we want to put it on that and user and do that as admin and we’re going to hit uh post, we would hit post, publish and uh and publish it, and then it would go ahead and put it on the website. I’M not going to do that because i don’t want to have to go into my website and delete that, but that’s how that works. It’s just as simple as that. So you can create your content right here. You can spell check it.

You can track it all. In one place, it also gives you kind of a running. You know sort of score card. I guess you might say on your um, you know how many words you’ve written, how what your your productivity is. It’s just and that’s internal for you.

I mean that’s something. If you want to copy it and share it out to the community, you can do that. Otherwise, only person is going to see that as you, I’ve been a premium member of wealthy affiliate coming up on a year and at a time I’ve been here I’ve written 118 968 words so far, which is right now more than 99 of WA members. This month, anyway, published 102 articles, I’ve got 16 articles that I’m just set aside or working on. It’ll keep those for me and if I want to go in there and click on it and pull it back up finish editing it publish it to wherever.

I want to and then also keep in mind i do have websites outside of wa outside of wealthy affiliate. So I’m always writing in my actual writing words written as about three times that much because i don’t do all of it inside of WA, it’s an option. You have as well, but certainly for any site that i have hosted here, which is now most of my sites. I’ve moved most of them over here because i really like this ability to control them all in one place, so to do that, it’ll track anything that you publish through here. So it’s just nice, it’s just nice to have that you can look at your writing stats.

So you can set goals for yourself and there’s all kinds of different little tools and things that you can set up just to help motivate you and keep you there. It tells you how many articles you published, how many are indexed in google there’s all kinds of good stuff to have all right. Let’s see what else we got you want to get feedback on your websites. You want to ask other community members to do that. There’s ways that you can get people to take a look at your site.

Give you some feedback on it, give you their opinion their impression on whether you know you have things that are need to be improved or what they think you could do to make it better. I could hit that I’m not gonna pull that up. Because, honestly, i don’t remember if it shows uh key information that i don’t want to be blasting all over uh YouTube and the internet uh it when you first pull it up. But if i open that, if i would open that up, you know i might do it in another video. If i once i check it verify what’s there exactly, but it lists each website and it is a button there where you can click and it can just log straight into uh the website.

Well, that shows you a miniature version of that. So i could click that and it would log me straight into this website, but but it gives a complete list of all your websites that you have and as of right now, i think i have 14 or 15

On wealthy affiliate and a few left that are hosted on in other places, if you have a problem which is not often, but if you do have any kind of technical problems, you have 24-hour access to site support um, you know some things: they’ll try to walk. You through and sort of help you out, you know like typical problems and issues that come in or you know you can. You also will choose which site it is, which domain category the problem question and submit that you also have your emails for your sites, each site. You have a capability setting up a separate emails for each one.

Now you can click on that and then log in and check you check your email, um and other different tabs and stuff are helping. You manage all of your websites and one sort of easy to get to console, which just makes it very very nice classes. We already kind of went through that earlier we’re clicking on sort of part of that. Looking through the training session, it shows you different classes that you have access to now do keep in mind. Uh, probably you will have a much faster internet connection than i have.

My internet connection is cell based and it’s not bad. It works for me, but it’s certainly not exactly high speed uh. If you have high speed internet, when you click these buttons, it will be almost instantaneous. Mine has a little bit of a lag like. I said.

It’S not the fastest connection in the world, but that’s what i’ve got to work with and it works all right for me. So you also have the ability using jaxy and you can do keyword research. You can look up phrases. You can find out all kinds of different information depending on what you’re searching for make money online. Of course, that’s one of the most popular topics.

Everybody wants to know how to start a business, how to start a website how to blog how to make money online. So it’s very very popular um search term, but you have all kinds of different information that you can get and go down through that can help you when you’re one trying to choose your initial niches or niches. It also will help you, when you’re trying to figure out how to create your different blog posts and your articles, your other content. So it’s a wonderful thing to have access to you can save your list. You can save history search analysis, all sorts of different things.

There that are available to you, so let’s go back so you’ll learn all about affiliate marketing in addition to all kinds of other marketing and online business information. But you have a ability to search for affiliate products and they’ll. Show you how as well how to uh the training will teach you how to do find affiliate programs and get access to affiliate products outside of wealthy affiliate as well, but a lot of stuff. You can just look for right here inside if you like. Let’s go look up some that’s extremely popular.

If i can spell have all kinds of different ways to get help, you can get help from a live chat. There’s always people here. There are currently millions of members of wealthy affiliate and there’s always somebody in here chatting 24 7 365, and there are quite a few people, coaches and mentors ambassadors that spend a lot of time in here, giving away free information, help and support. So all you have to do, is you know type in whatever you want to say you just say hello? You can ask a question: you know you can whatever it is, you want to put in there and then people in the community will uh almost always try to help you and always will help you, but i mean most cases.

Sometimes it’s pretty quick. You know five. Ten minutes or less sometimes instantaneously, so you’ve got that you also have the ability, if it’s technical, related again, you can ask a question even technical stuff in live chat, but you can also, if you need help, you can get site support to help you. You can ask a question from the community that will put this out almost like a blog post, basically to the entire community, and then people can comment on that, just like if they’re commenting on a blog post, so that’s another way to do it as well. If you’re a paid member premium or above you have the ability, as a paid member to send private messages, so you can click on this thing over here you can put in the person’s name or you can click on their profile and say uh.

In this case, i could send him a message just by keep. You know keying it in here and hitting that or Kyle . One of the founders of wealthy affiliate same thing for send Kyle a direct message. I can do it this way or i can go up here. Click on that you know, look him up and send him a message as well directly and that’s another nice benefit about this community – that a lot of memberships will not let you do.

I’ve already had some collaborations. I’ve already had a couple of interviews. I’ve done on my YouTube channel income production opportunities and one of the ways i was able to set those up is just picking people. I thought would be interesting to interview and sending them a message. Hey you know, would you be interested in being interviewed and there are other folks that do all kinds of different collaborations or just asking a question or just establishing some.

You know relationship to maybe somebody’s got some common interest that you have a business or or whatever the case may be to where you can help each other out. So that’s a very, very nice benefit to have so so plenty of ways for you to get help again. 24. 7. 365.

If you want to write a you, as i showed you earlier, those posts that i was talking about earlier, that’s to post to your outside blogs, your blogs, your own websites, they’re, hosted through wealthy affiliate, but you also will have a blog here inside wealthy affiliate and You can write articles and posts that will go out to the whole community and then also keep in mind a lot of people don’t realize when they’re first starting out. They think some people think that when you’re writing blog posts inside the community, it’s just available in here – that’s not so you write a post. That post is available uh on the internet. It’s it’s uh. Google index it and uh make it available for the whole wide world.

So if you want to write a post, you just write a post, whatever your uh blog topic or is that you want you can select an image for it. Let’s say trucks. I’ve write a lot of posts on other topics and focus heavily on trucking and uh real estate and entrepreneurship. So, let’s see what it pulls up for trucks and again, if you have a high speed internet, yours will be much much faster than mine. There’s a a picture that I’ve used before for some post, and but you have access to images you can also.

You know you can drag it around. You can adjust it. You can move it up and down you get the image. The way that you want it to be put in your content, put in your your headings, sizes, whatever you want that to be uh and then once you’re you can put in uh some tags if it has to do with wealthy affiliate. You would click this as well, uh, let’s say trucking, and we would add that one and if it had to do with wealthy affiliate, which this one doesn’t, we can put success at wealthy affiliate.

And then, if we’re ready to publish that, if i hit publish that would publish that to my blog inside wealthy affiliate, [ Music ], ignore that it would um publish it to the blog inside wealthy affiliate. But since this is just uh just to show you how that works, I’m not going to do that. I could, if i didn’t want to publish it, i could just save it and it would hang on to it. For me, in this case, what we’re going to do is delete it [, Music ]. I guess it doesn’t want.

It doesn’t want me to delete it right this month and that’s probably to do with my uh settings on my computer, but regardless in this case, what we’re going to do is I’m just going to um, let’s see if it will see if we delete draft okay, It wouldn’t let me delete it because it wasn’t an actual post. It was just a draft and you got your your settings that you can set it uh up here. Um visible with everyone says premium, only all monthly yearly, hidden from blog roll. Whatever settings that you want it to be um again, you can look up different things. Look for classes, training whatever it is that you’re, looking for as soon as you put it in there, it’ll it’ll start trying to anticipate what it is that you’re looking for.

I mean finished typing and it’s already pulling up stuff and building your own website. It will tell you notifications – and these are you know things that have been going on that um. You know post and different things and responses and replies to things that you’ve commented on or to your own post that you have and it’ll just pull that stuff up and show you what’s going on. Like yes, say, 23, others commented in 10 WA members just talking about. What’s going on in the community, uh Jeff replied to a comment on uh one of the uh, the uh, the post that i made on my blog inside wealthy affiliate.

Oh actually, he was replying to a comment that i made on his uh post. So this is this is his blog and let’s see that’s why i left him a comment earlier and then we can, while I’m here going like that – and you can see over here – it’s a good idea, while we’re here we take a look at this – is his His blog post for Wednesday and it’s Jeffrey brown, you can look at his profile. If you want to um and then under here it’s you can follow, follow which i am i’m following. If, for some reason somebody irritates you or you decide, you don’t want to, you would click unfollow and it would stop showing you all their stuff and uh. You know you would unfollow them um.

Here’s all his post he’s written in the time he’s been with wealthy affiliate he’s put up 419 posts. So that’s a a lot of writing but uh Jeff’s, an author he’s got books on amazon, so he he’s uh kind of a prolific writer um and he’s just sharing some. What is he’s also a locksmith and he shares some of his uh, his locksmith work and his uh. You know different things that he’s doing as he’s traveling around town and just some personal stuff, and that’s the other thing too inside the community. You can blog about whatever you want to.

If you want to make it all strictly about affiliate marketing and online businesses, you can do that if you want to make it more general and cover whatever topics you want to that’s up to you and then the folks that choose to read your blog post will Respond and put their comments and if you want to you, can go back in and answer them uh. You know if you, if you, if you like a lot of people, do so there’s that and let’s see, let’s go to just profile and by the way, if you go to the, if you’re on the income production opportunities YouTube channel that i have, if you want Uh Jeff uh did an interview with me about the locksmith business, so you can take a look at that, get to see Jeff live and talking, and in person there and and uh. You also see um some information about uh his experiences as well as his locksmith smith business, but you uh. Each person has the opportunity to set up a profile page, and you can you can say as little or as much about yourself as you want to, and you can put your goals out here. If you want to some people, you know put very detailed goals.

Some people put uh, you know just general stuff um. Some people put nothing. I mean that’s totally up to you, let’s see while we’re in here we see who’s who’s, uh Jeff’s following these people and, let’s see we’ll, add some people to mine as well. If you want to see all the people somebody’s following, you can pull them up and if you want to see who’s following that person, you can click on that and just got quite a few people following him he’s being followed by 13 638 people as of today. So that’s a lot of people um.

You also have an opportunity when you create your profile to put down your own websites over here, where you would like other people to be able to get in touch with you at. So, let’s take a look at mine. You profile now. I can also go to my blog and go to other different things as well here, but in this case we want to go to my profile. Wealthy affiliate also ranks you currently, that’s my rank out of all the members here now.

Don’t get hung up on rank too much rank is not does not mean the people that are making the most money. It means the people that are the most active in the community that are trying to help other people that are, you know, responding to other people’s blog posts. They’re answering questions that are creating and posting content that are just active in the community that are essentially trying to be good, coaches and mentors and ambassadors. Now, if you notice Jeff is an ambassador, you get up the very tip top you’re you’re, creating a lot of content, helping a lot of people at a certain point. They would designate you to be an ambassador as long as your rank stays up into that area.

You’ll remain an ambassador and if you become less active and it slips down below that, then you won’t be and again it’s like. I said it’s nice, you know to have the the kudos from the ranking, but but don’t get overly caught up on chasing rank. I don’t uh, surprisingly enough, it’s it is nice to have. I very much appreciate it. I just uh log in on average a couple of times a day, usually once in the morning once in the afternoon the people that i follow that i um, like the the most i always read their blog post i’ll, make a comment or two on that.

If i see somebody asking a question I’ll respond to that, i i allocate myself just a certain amount of time uh each time I’m in here to spend here and just just by doing that the rank just went up automatically on its own and, as i said, I’M coming up on a year January 1st to be one year and it so it went from you know, being at the the last amongst uh, a few million people to climbing from that all the way up to 56 in in a year, and yours would do The same thing too, like say, if you’re active in the community: now, if you don’t ever log in you, don’t ever post anything, you don’t ever answer any questions and it won’t be and, as i said, it has nothing at all to do with making money yeah. You can be number one in here and and be making a whole lot less money than somebody. That’s not even this ranked way way down because they’re focusing more on their their business and creating content and doing referrals and doing affiliate marketing and doing whatever else they’re doing to make money um. So that’s one thing and I’ll mention it. This is nice if it’s coming to you through your normal activities – that’s great but don’t get in here and just chase that and focus on trying to build rank.

If you do you’re going to be spending too much time doing that uh, probably and not enough time doing the things that help you make money, this is my primary or one i shouldn’t say necessarily primary, but one of my primary sources of income. For me, i am a Udemy instructor. I teach courses on Udemy as of today. I’ve got 46 58 4658 students, 478 reviews, and right now i have 19 active courses on Udemy and I’ll be uh. Adding more courses as well and people purchase my courses each and every single month, each and every single month.

I make a substantial amount of money. Now substantial is relative. It may or may not be substantial to you, but it’s substantial to me and it grows and every with every course i add and also the more activities i take to market my courses, the more income i get over time and that’s that’s my goal and that’s One of my primary things that interests me is one of the things i want you to understand about wealthy affiliate as well. It’s it is, you know, heavily focused on affiliate marketing, but the skills that you learn here can be used to help you with any other kind of business as well. I use it to help me extensively with online courses and am doing affiliate marketing as well.

Affiliate marketing is a supplemental or an additional stream of income to my primary sources of income, which is publications and training, primarily so, but you can see there as well there’s my author instructor website. So if i were to click on that takes me to my site, if you were in here looking at my profile and clicked on that, it would take you to my site as well, which is another nice benefit, a lot of memberships. Won’t let you do that. It won’t let you have links that take people from inside their membership out to your own platforms, but here you can and then you can come out here. If you wanted to and read my own blog, you know that’s on my site now.

This particular site is one of the few that i still have that is not hosted through wealthy affiliate. Almost all my other sites, the vast majority of them, are hosted through wealthy affiliate. This one’s hosted on another platform because I’ve had this site for a long time and i i could move it if i wanted to, but – and i have moved so several of the other ones. But this one I’m just going to leave where it’s at. But there’s my site, you want to know more about me, you can go over there and click on that.

I have a tendency to get a little bit wordy when i write things i actually enjoy writing. So i write a instead of just a paragraph. There’s a whole bunch of information, so it’s quite a bit of stuff. If you want to know more about me and my background between the link, i just showed you for the courses on Udemy and the about page on ldsull.com.

There’s plenty of information for you and there’s some of my other sites as well. You can put whatever goals that you want to up here. You can change your goals, you can add goals, it will show you your accomplishments. It shows you when you initially joined now. I joined as a free member to start with, and i recommend that you do as well to start with you, you can sign up and try free membership and I’ll put a link I’ll put my affiliate link below this video uh and you can click on that And go ahead and sign up, and i recommend, if you know for certain this is something you want to do: go ahead and sign up for the premium membership uh, but you don’t have to you – can sign up as a free member when i first came across Wealthy affiliate, i thought it was probably a scam, like so many other things and and uh.

It was going to click away from it and just bypass it and as some a few things caught my eye i started. Reading a little bit was intrigued a little bit and really the thing that that sold me on it was they had a free membership. You could actually come inside the community and look around check everything out. Uh, you know try most of the functions, not everything but mostly like i said you won’t be able to send messages directly to members on a free membership and some other things you won’t have access to. But you can see enough of it to make up your mind whether it’s something that you want to do or not, and that’s what i did and then so i did that for a little while and then on January 1st I went ahead and switched it over To a premium to a paid membership, and then it will track your your accomplishments.

You know when you, when you set your account up they’ll, give you a badge. You get a badge for when you publish your first website when you get your um. When you become a premium member, you get a certification badge for each of your courses that you complete. You know one two, three, four, five whatever for each one and it’s just different things, you’ll get one for the different time frame that you have in there. So i got one for six months and I’ll be getting one here for the 12 month mark and a few more days coming up, you get one for your rank when you get in the top 200, you get a badge for that and if you’re, like my Friend Jeff, if you’re an ambassador which I’m not I see that’s still shaded out.

But if I become an ambassador I’ll, have a nice little ambassador uh badge like he does so. Okay and then people will come to your profile and they’ll they’ll. Look at it and make comments and you can respond to those. If, if you like and again it shows your blog post, it shows you how many people you’re following and how many people are following you. If you go and look at that um, it tells you if you’ve created any trainings if you’ve asked any questions.

So that’s a pretty good walk through you can click on that uh yeah. You have an ability to pursue two different paths in your training. One of them is the online entrepreneur certification they’re, going to teach you how to make money online in a variety of different ways. Again, as I said, it’s focused primarily on affiliate marketing, but they’ll teach you all kinds of things that you can use to do any sort of marketing and use it as I use it primarily right now for marketing, my courses and my books and my other things That my other publications and products that I create, as well as doing affiliate marketing, so you can pursue that, and I recommend that you certainly do that complete these courses. You also can recruit or refer other people into wealthy affiliate, and if you do that for each person that becomes a member, then you can earn money for doing that.

Uh only do that. If, like i said you get in here, and you see the value as I see it, i don’t promote or recommend anything i personally don’t believe in, and i do believe that wealthy affiliate is an extraordinary value for what cost, which is why i promote it. If you feel the same after you’ve completed some courses and after you get in here and looked around, then you can complete the affiliate, bootcamp and it’ll show you how to start promoting wealthy affiliate as well. So those are your two primary paths and you can click on that. It will show your earnings and you know how many referrals you’ve got and other things to do with referrals.

So that is just a quick look and a walk around inside of wealthy affiliate. So I hope that you enjoyed that my name is ld Sewell and I’ll, see you again soon in the next video and again remember: there’s a link below this video or will be as soon as i publish this um. If so, if you’re interested in trying wealthy affiliate out, you can go ahead and do that, it’s not any. If you sign up for the free membership, you don’t have any risk or obligation at all. You don’t need a credit card debit card or anything to do that.

Just create your profile come on inside and take a look around so hope you enjoyed this.


The Decision is Yours Now

You can keep working inside your comfy zone with little or even average income, but you always have other choices to try new ways to get a new income stream or even quite your previous job. This new online adventure could be more fun, or safer, or more advanced, or more income than your current job.

Usually, to have different results, you should change the way how things can be conducted. No one knows what can happen if you start an online business. However, you only can set your start and destiny with this business like a boss ( all you need a laptop, internet connection, wealthy affiliate account, website, and then read training, ask and apply, take action by making decisions/writing/sharing/updating/…..). Just by thinking, planning, clicking on a keyboard! yep; you got it right, without having to do all of the physical things that you used to be able to do!

I’m here to encourage you to start a successful online journey with Wealthy affiliate as I made before around 4 years ago. You will find me inside and will receive useful information and support.

Click the below button, make WA account and then you are enrolled directly. Everything you need to get started and grow an online business from scratch to any level you want will be included.




I like to hear your opinions, experiences and questions about affiliate marketing business whether you are beginner or expert. Feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section and tell what is letting you in this industry?


FAQ about WA


Q:- Is Wealthy affiliate available in my country?

A:- Wealthy Affiliate Premium is available to everyone and in every country. However, Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership is not possible to Nigeria only. Yet, premium membership still accessible and unluckily without the advantage of a 61% discount for the first month. In case, anyone insists on joining WA and in where he/she could not have E-money via credit card or visa card. I’ll recommend you reading this article to have the right pathway to start at WA.

Q:- Is affiliate marketing the same as Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM)?

A:- No, in somehow! The similarity is both promoting products or services and the difference is that MLM follow pyramid scheme (consist of multiple levels)while affiliate marketing is not.

Q:- If I have upgraded to premium, and then cancel membership, does my premium account revert back to the starter account?

A:- No, you can’t go back to the starter account.

Q:- Does WA platform provide websites which are ready to start earning?

A:- No, it doesn’t. WA provides websites (domain &hosting;) without any contents. Writing content is your responsibility. WA is not a quick-rich scheme and even don’t think about this idea.
WA provides 2 free websites which ready to be built.

Q:- Do I lose everything instantly if I have payment delay for premium membership or could not pay at all?

A:- Of course, no. WA considered the temporary financial hardship in its term and services. WA may give what is called grace period; this means that WA holds your premium account for one month to make the required payment or disconnect your membership (ceasing of your membership). The gracing period is enough time (in case you decided to cancel your subscription) to move your websites to another hosting as WA has the right to not letting your sites online. Remember: In case, you come back to WA, WA will return your WA account as you leave it last time (again live websites never held).

Q:- Does WA apply automatic billing?

A:- Yes, if you upgrade in monthly, half-year, or yearly premium membership, you have accepted to allow WA recurring you automatically as part of the acceptance of WA terms of service. So make sure to read the WA terms of services.

Q:- Are there any restriction from using free SiteRubix websites?

A:- Yes, you are prohibited from creating contents containing illegal, harmful, malicious activity. Pornography or adult content is not allowed as well. If you do so, then expect WA to omit your contents without any permission because this action is inserted in SiteRubix term of services.

Q:- How to join the WA affiliate program?

A:- You can do so only if you are WA member. In this case, you can promote WA and have revenue relies on your membership type (starter or premium). However, if you promote WA without joining the WA platform, then you never get any revenue.

Q:- Do I need to have any product/service to start creating my online business at WA?

A:- No, you don’t. affiliate marketing business is about promoting other’s products and services (the market of help), but if you have your own product/service, WA is the right place to learn you how to start growing traffic and raise your selling by promoting your service or creating your e-commerce and so on.


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20 thoughts on “What Is Wealthy Affiliate About A scam Or Not – A Review For 2022”

  1. I have tried blogging before but I had no sort of education behind me, therefore I didn’t really last more than a few months at it! 

    This community looks like a really good deal, and I like the way that everyone seems out to help everyone else there. How hard would you say the tutorials are overall, from a newbie point of view?

    • Hello Chris,

      Well, the courses (tutorials) is wrote in plain English language and easy to understand, but doing correct action needs practice and continuity “practice makes perfect”.

  2. I really enjoyed your thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate.  I have been a Premium Member since 2015 and I am thankful to have found Wealthy Affiliate.  They are teaching me all that i need to know to have a successful online business.  I also have multiple websites hosted with them.  Their hosting service, training and site support is second to none.  I get a response within minutes anytime I have a question.

    • Hi Alisha,

      Fist of all, thanks for reading my review and writing this comment.

      Yes, The wealthy affiliate hosting is incredibly cheap and amazing. It is almost out of other hosting companies box. and guess what? The hosting in 2019 has been improved as hosting speed was increasing more.

  3. What an amazing wealthy affiliate review, I have seen many many wealthy affiliate reviews before but yours is by far the most interesting, informative, in depth and thorough review I have ever read, you have covered absolutely every aspect of wealthy affiliate, anyone reading this review will find out every single thing they need to know about wealthy affiliate, I am already a member, so I can actually confirm that the things you have said are true, thank you for sharing this review, I really enjoyed reading it.


    • Definitely, you’re right. It has covered the most important bullets inside Wealthy Affiliate. However, I still have more to be tell about The Wealthy Affiliate. You can read here my other review about Pathways to Online Success. Enjoy reading and thanks for standing here to comment.

  4. Thank you for this awesome information! I just joined wealthy affiliate a few weeks ago and was a bit skeptical. This article pretty much sums up everything I love about wealthy affiliate. I also loved how you incorporated the Q&A section. One question I had going into WA is if I needed a product/service to start creating my own online business at WA. Turns out, WA lays out everything for you in a structured way and teaches you how to choose a product niche and start marketing that product. You do not need to create your own product/service. This was great. I was able to get started right away and choose a niche that I was really interested in. I really lacked the guidance, but WA definitely helped set me on the right path. I am now much more confident in my online success. Thanks for laying out all of the great content you can find at Wealthy Affiliate!

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    I love the training in there as it gives you the step by step procedure on how to get your business up and profitable. The Premium membership is where I reap all the benefits.

    You have explained well how Wealthy Affiliate works and I would encourage those who are on the fence to jump right in. No regrets.

    Thank you for this useful post.

    • Hi Carol,

      Yes, most of my review is positive but I add some cons which in some how it is pros in comparison to other expensive programs.

      The reality that wealthy affiliate in comparison to other programs is really great and can let you have full income without burning money on ads like other programs learn.

      This what I LOVE to call “the magic of Wealthy Affiliate) when the cons. convert to Pros. 

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    • Hello friend,

      Yep, I tried to provide HONEST WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW with new look. as I add some charts and diagrams to make YOU get the info. more easily.

      The sharing buttons on the left side of page, you can use it if you like to help your friends.

      Thanks for your comment and nice words.

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    Hosting this is one area I need to fully understand for I have seen that you can also move websites from other places to Wealthy Affiliate is it true and how much does it cost for hosting at WA?

    I really enjoyed reading and great information concerning Wealthy Affiliate.  Thanks a lot 

    • Hello Cinderella,

      The answer for first question:In my review I classified the training based on the general training creators (Kyle, Jay, community) so in this way, I did not skip the main training that covered in the Wealthy affiliate.

      The answer to second question: about the hosting cost at wealthy affiliate. Guess what, I think that the answer is not clear even to most wealthy affiliate members! How? You know now that the cost of wealthy affiliate premium differ depending on payment options (monthly/half year/normal yearly/black Friday yearly), and the cost of hosting is small portion from each month payment so that the WA hosting cost is not the same for each payment option. as long as you choose long duration to have active premium membership, the cost will decrease crazily! In the end of the day, hosting cost at Wealthy Affiliate is more less than other companies (they reach higher than $200/month while wealthy affiliate reaches less than $25/month) and see again the comparison of hosting price between WA and other expensive companies! The Hosting at the WA is save our day and the out of the other hosting companies box ALWAYS and FOREVER.

      I hope my answers are good enough. If you have other question, you can ask here. I’m here to help.

  8. Thanks, that’s a very detailed review. I like the way you arrange the info. and how you summaries the cost and wealthy affiliate membership. It would add some authenticity if you could link to any websites you have developed following the WA training.

    • Thanks Mike,

      Actually, if you look deep you will realize that this website (working from laptop) has been developed as result of following/applying wealthy affiliate main training and community training.

      thanks for stopping by and adding your comment.

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    Ah, I feel I’m really lucky as I found this complete review after doing some search.

    I notice I’m double lucky as I sure will grab Black Friday Deal.

    Thanks for the informative review. I’ll be inside Wealthy Affiliate. When I can get the bonus?

    • Hi Banan,

      You’re welcome. I like to help others achieve successful online business.
      Be aware, when you start today is better than tomorrow because you reach your online success earlier.

      About the bonus, when you be premium member, I will send you all bonus using private message.

      Take care.

    • Hi friend,

      My pleasure to get the advantage of my site, the spelling errors is because English language is not my first tongue through.
      So, you can accept the spelling errors as bonus added to the fact, I provide you for free, lol

      Have great days ahead.


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