Pathways to Online Success : Joining and Re-joining Wealthy Affiliate University

Both indirect and direct pathways to online success are common in any aspect of online business. The Indirect pathway is longer than the direct way as it got redundant steps due to many reasons. To reach success, never give up during the process otherwise, you will waste your time due to the demand to start again.

Starting a business with the Wealthy Affiliate can be subject to the two pathways, and this is up to many factors. I wrote this article about this topic to let newcomers to Wealthy Affiliate avoid this indirect pathway to reach success at the end.  This article also tries to answer ” is really wealthy affiliate joined many times by some people?” why they do that? clarifying some reasons to join, giving up, and rejoin. How can they have a shortcut to achieve success directly?

Pathways to Online Success with The Wealthy Affiliate

The Reasons Letting People Join WA

There are 2 groups of people regardless of any business. Some are helping others’ business growth, and some are building their own business. If you belonged to the first group, you work for others nor yourself and will recognize this later. However, if you included in the second group, you work for yourself, and you grow your own business. So then, the right question is should by own business be offline or online? Why?

Online business is more preferred than offline business nowadays for many people, as a result of the following reasons:-

  • Less cost,
  • More manageable,
  • More available than offline business (365 days/year & 24 hr/day),
  • Being the boss of yourself
  • Working from anywhere at any time,
  • Less risk than an offline business,
  • Reaching more customers,
  • Making Passive income,

A huge number of folks researches online for a legitimate company to learn and start an online business, and Wealthy Affiliate is in ahead of many others. As the people have read one Wealthy Affiliate review, they set up a free starter account which is a rare option in online marketing education. Then start discovering, learning, applying, asking, getting help, earning. They joined because they feel that the Wealthy Affiliate is the most legit affiliate marketing home on the whole Internet for all entrepreneurial levels.


For everybody/anybody, the wealthy affiliate was founded to offer the real opportunity to set up and run a successful online business (whether it is e-commerce, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, blogging, so on). So if you have a dream to have an online business and you have no idea how? I invite you to join Wealthy Affiliate as well but please, keep reading this article until the end to know your situation exactly.

See only a few real wealthy affiliate members who tell why they join and enjoy the WA platform. If you step there with them, you will know what you are missing along all days before. They do not just find marketing university, but online marketing home providing the support, real help, and more.

the reason behind joining Chris Wealthy Affiliate

the reson behind joining Loes the Wealthy Affiliate 4 years ago

The reason behind joining Cromaczs07 the Wealthy Affiliate

The Reasons Letting Members Gave Up at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Do not use the available services probably (especially OEC & asking any question),
  • Do not do plan and follow it.,
  • Do not be patient enough,
  • Do not have enough fund for WA cost for yearly plan so they hold starter account,
  • Do not spend enough time learning and applying until they see the success,
  • Do not have real help from the referrer,
  • Do not ready to conduct long term business due to lack of long term sight,
  • Stuck with offline career and waiting to retire,
  • Needing immediate income for the family life so that incorporate in the offline carrier,
  • No time due to being a full-time student,
  • Realize that Wealthy Affiliate itself, not quick rich Schmidt
  • Wondering “is wealthy affiliate a scam?” due to not achieving successful website,
  • Fair of failure,
  • Family issues,
  • Health problems,
  • Shiny object syndrome,
  • Too high expectations without a plan!,
  • Excuse that the English language, not first tongue,
  • Temporary leave due to out of control conditions such as lost computer and Internet access,

Giving up at wealthy affiliate can be by leaving a premium account or by cancelling even starter account cause one of the above reasons. Some members have given up at wealthy affiliate and they tell their personal reasons which are come from their side, not WA aspect. Others have left with a broken heart as you can read through the wealthy affiliate community below.

Interesting reason to leave Wealthy Affiliate

some sad reasons forced people to leat Wealthy Affiliate

Emergency reason to leave Wealthy Affiliate temprary.

The Reasons Letting Members Re-join Wealthy Affiliate

  • Directly because of leaving WA
  • Recognize that WA is a real deal online opportunity,
  • Never ever found any similar online marketing service such as WA anywhere,
  • Read more success stories at WA,
  • Recognize that WA education is more than sufficient (no need to go anywhere to buy more training!),
  • Prepare an achievable plan,
  • Using the WA services in the right way especially asking a question,
  • Live community chat,
  • 1 to 1 coaching with low incredible cost,
  • Improve their mentality
  • Gave up their fair
  • Save up for a while to cover Wealthy Affiliate cost for a long time (yearly payment),

Real members at wealthy affiliate have reported their indirect pathway and trying again to achieve success. However, they went around and waste time but still in charge at WA due to their new commitments and positive mentality. You can read some of their stories below,


Awesome reason to re-join the wealthy affiliate

Interstiong reason to re-join the wealthy affiliate

The Right Time to Join Wealthy Affiliate for YOU, When?

Ask yourself the following questions to assess if you are ready to join Wealthy Affiliate :

  1. Can you read and write easily in the English language? if yes, go 2..If no go 7 and then start from 2,
  2. Did you have any previous knowledge about marketing? if yes, or no go to 3
  3. Did I have enough fund for wealthy affiliate fee? if no..see question 4,5,6 if yes, see 7
  4. Do can you work any online tasks to collect wealthy affiliate fee? if yes, go 5..If no go to 6
  5. Do your referrer sponsored any trusted online easy work for you to earn some buckets in order to join premium membership? go to 7.
  6. Know The membership plans of  wealthy affiliate and choose the right option for you, prepare a plan and stick to it, and ask me any question.
  7. Install Google translate into your Chrome browser and translate any page on WA to your Language to understand and you can even do all your marketing in your first language. Go to 2.

If you reach to point 6 and read the wealthy affiliate review article, then THIS is the right time to join the right place at wealthy affiliate.

Steps to Avoid the Indirect Pathway at Wealthy Affiliate – It’s Clear More You Think

  1. Divorce “I will try” – mentality
  2. Adopt a “take action” mentality
  3. Prepare a doable plan for the whole year (52 weeks) where you can measure your achievements every week.
  4. Definitely, choose your niche,
  5. Follow the training and take action immediately and constantly,
  6. Ask questions for everything you do not know about or in debt about (use community live chat, and send a question to coaches and the reply in a few minutes),
  7. Engage yourself by reading successful stories at WA,
  8. follow the Positive thinking mentality by doing:-
    1. Look at your plan every day/week,
    2. Before sleep write down what you will do tomorrow according to a weekly plan,
    3. Practice the imagination of achieving your goals,
    4. Take action day by day for the whole week in the beginning,
    5. Please, celebrate when you achieve any of your goals and share it with the WA community,
    6. Send your questions to WA community at any time,
    7. Remember, success in front of you, and you just are going to grab it! “trust yourself “

Is it doable to re-join Wealthy Affiliate? – What does it mean for regiment of WA?

Big Yes and Welcome back from the prospective of WA to re-join after leaving by canceling membership. The wealthy affiliate platform welcomes to anyone and every one at anytime with any age. Yes from your perspective if you have overcome the reasons causing you giving up. If adopt the take action mentality and given up your fair and learn from this lesson, yes, if you really to manage your time perfectly. Yes, if you decide to re-join and success to record your own business journey as re-join and success at the end.

As people come back to be free starter/premium members at WA, this is excellent sign added to legitimate of wealthy affiliate in comparison to other online business opportunities.


Wealthy Affiliate is a unique online open marketing university that provides all requirements to do successful business. Anyone/everyone deserves to reach success directly in one go (join==>success) without giving up and this can be done by focusing and taking action continuously. The WA is the perfect platform online to practice success. It allows you to conduct your success directly if you really want to and ready to grab success then I can tell you that “the sky is your limit “.

Asking question and live chat with WA community are both most engaging services. Letting you overcome many struggles through creating your successful story.

Finally, if you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask within comment section.

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16 thoughts on “Pathways to Online Success : Joining and Re-joining Wealthy Affiliate University”

  1. Very well said. Many people leave Wealthy Affiliate in hopes of seeing results faster elsewhere. In essence, it’s the next shiny object syndrome. There are many other products which promise faster results, but hardly any of them deliver the way Wealthy Affiliate does.

    And in the end they rejoin WA after realizing that there is no short cut to this business. You have to put in the hard work. WA does a good job in providing the tools and community to ensure your success. If you use them well, there is no reason why you shouldn’t find success as well.

  2. I’m one of those WA members who went in and out of WA. Wanna know my reasons why?

    For people planning to rejoin Wealthy Affiliate and if the reason for leaving was they think they’re not good at blogging in English, I have a suggestion for you, guys. One thing that helped me get over those fears was, I practiced in online forums that allow post that are in English language only. The engagement you will have in those forums will prepare you to confidently express what you think on a post. That worked for me, and may work well with you, too.

    My reason for leaving WA before were two. First, I find it hard to express myself in English even in writing. Second, the Shiny Object syndrome where I got attracted to newly launched network marketing opportunities. Today, I’m with Wealthy Affiliate and realized this is the real deal. This is the fair kind of business that I wanted to be with. This is something you can proudly represent to the whole world!

    • Hi Gomer,

      Thanks for sharing us your experience with the Wealth Affiliate. I agree with you as well that the practice makes perfect. Just keep going on the direct path way of success.

  3. I’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate a couple of times in the last few days and I was thinking about joining it… However, once I join it, I will do everything to make it work.

    I am tired of working for others and I want to make my living online. This is what I am meant to do with my life. Thanks a lot!

    • Ye Harry, if you looking for freedom and escape the 9 to 5 job, just give the Wealthy Affiliate honest try and you will see the results soon after the hard work.

      You know what? One day eary morneing and it was rain so heavily out side I was working inside my home at the wormest place there…my daughter (10 years old) in that morning wrote in her diary “Wow, it just raining out side and it is cool to have work from the warm home without every day fatigue, on day I will do so in future” you can see even the kids get the idea and think about it for the future.

      You can do is possible for anybody and everybody if you insist.

  4. Oh, I heard about Wealthy Affiliate before.

    Well, I once joined it but I couldn’t stand with the training.

    When I first joined this platform, I thought that I found the right place to start my online journey.

    But there are so many training so that I couldn’t continue it because of my full-time work.

    But I’m sure that this platform provides the best quality of training and support.

    I’ll continue my journey again with the Wealthy Affiliate to meet the success at the end.

  5. this is a fabulous post, I like every detail contained in it. Even though I just joined wealthy affiliate a few weeks ago, I am sure I am ready for WA and I will take the direct part. I will try not to take short cuts and put in enough hardwork to attain the goals I want. I have not chosen a niche yet but I’m currently taking training and I know I can reach the top with time. Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. Hello Safia, this is a very interesting article about wealthy Affiliate and I enjoyed reading it.

    Firstly,I just got to know about wealthy Affiliate and I decided to carry out researches on the platform before investing my money into it. I really think I might be among the set of people that takes the indirect path to success because I get tired of things very easily to pickup new things such as hobbies, interest and so on. But I think I might be able to attain success going by the listing of the requirements for anyone to achieve success because I can do everything that is listed there. I would really be glad if I can attain success through this wealthy Affiliate.



    • Hello Ramos,

      Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate never left anything/any tool needed to reach the success. No online business can provide the deals with in, hand down.

      Thanks for your input.

  7. It’s a great post and draws attention to the many reasons why people come,stay and sometimes leave Wealthy Affiliate. Being able to use the free starter system should give everyone ample opportunity to see for themselves what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and that success isn’t going to happen overnight. Another issue that you’ve raised is that many come expecting to be able to supplement their income quite quickly because they are in need of money in the short term. It’s rare to find an opportunity that will do that. WA works best when you are in a position of financial stability and can build your online business on the side so that at some point in the future it can replace you current income or employment. Considering everything you get as part of the package you also have lifelong support through one of the most seasoned and knowledgeable communities there is. Be in it for the long haul.

  8. Hi, Safia.
    Thanks for sharing your views on direct and indirect pathways to success.
    You mentioned all the reasons very elaborately and your process chart in paragraph form on deciding the right time to join Wealthy Affiliate is excellent. Short and informative.
    A number of people rejoining Wealthy Affiliate indicate that this learning program is really good and workable. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hi, Gaurav,

      I wrote this article from the heart as it is really rare to find such excellent platform can convert anyone serious about his/her business to full online income earner!

      Pleasure to have your input.


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