What Is Working From Laptop About?

Welcome all to workingfromlaptop.com, It is the first website that I have created after I discover the real opportunity to get passive income online. I start working online from my laptop after I discovered  “what is working from laptop about?”.


It is Safia, graduated from engineering faculty and worked around decade before I become full time mum of 3 beautiful kids. As the technology developed in 21 century, we are looking for comfortable, safe work environment, so that, I have set up online business to increase the ease and comfort into my life.


My A little Story


One day I sat down to start writing some academic scientific papers in engineering field (Just the drafts are ready) and as always I felt bored due to typing. I was already online and started search on Google how anyone escape from the racing rats. I found a lot of results and most of them did not provide any passive income at all such as surveys. However, I gave try to some of these ways. I read a lot while working online and of course while finishing up my scientific papers. After exactly one month, I read blog comparing between two online programs and both were about marketing. From that moment, I discovered my way and finally, I realized that I should make forward step without any hesitation.  So my entrepreneurial journey began and I have never looked back since.


My Aim for workingfromlaptop.com


The title of website carries  main idea that anyone can work anywhere from laptop and at anytime. As result, the main aims is help ready people to discover and practice this business opportunity with no real investment, except few hours each day. workingfromlaptop.com is about to open people’s eyes on how to make money by affiliate marketing and having reliable income.


Starting making money online can solve unexpected problems through anyone career journey. I would like to help people open eyes toward making money online due to two general facts. First, traditional job (9am-5 pm) is not always available (In case, it is available, the salary will be so limited), second, the unemployment keeps chasing people around the world at any age. Learning how making money online is the best option can let you quit your traditional job (9am-5 pm) and enjoying online passive income and life the live in your terms. The help provided here is for many people who have online access. You could be teacher looking to quit a job, or university students looking for more allowance or retired grandpa looking for more wealth to travel, Full time single mum looking to secured future for her kids, housewife looking to achieve some success online, and list is going.



Let’s make money online with minimum cost possible, so that you may need to bookmark this site in your browser to ask for more help.


Thanks for stopping by workingfromlaptop.com.


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8 thoughts on “What Is Working From Laptop About?”

  1. Hi Safia

    I like the name of your website. And it is true that today people are making a stable income from their laptop. So, I would like to know how to do that. Do you provide any training or course about that? Or will just be sharing blog posts about it? There are so much information online that I became overwhelmed, can you provide me with a simple guide, a step by step for the basics?


    • Hello Adyns,

      It is true that laptop can be your post to a constant wealth.

      At the moment, I did not provide any training/course, But I’ll do in future.

      I agree that online world is filled with many info (most is useless) and this make the reader confused/overwhelmed.I remember 10 years ago when I read that anyone can earn full-time income online and I tried to know way to start. The truth that I  did not find anything useful, and all I found was just junk info.

      In 2017, I discovered  a legit way to start learning and working from laptop. I’ve share with my readers about this opportunity. However, this site’ll provide a lot of informative posts for all readers about scammed programs to be avoided.

      yep, next days, I’ll post about a beginner guide, a step by step for the basics to start working from laptop.

      Thanks for asking your questions here.

  2. Hello safia, it is awesome that you can give us an insight about you and how you came up with the idea of building your site. I am happy that you have taken this path to help others make money online. I wish you so much success and I hope to see a lot of educative posts here. I’ll be sure to check back regularly. Best regards!


    • hi Henderson,

      Definitely, you’ll see great and informative posts here for who looking for work from laptop.

  3. Wow! Welcome to the online world safia and I look forward to getting reasonable and realistic tips from you on how to generate passive income through affiliate marketing. Though working at the convenience of one’s home is not easy but with capable tips from you, I believe I would get new innovations and ideas that would help to drive my progress back into making money online. Thanks

    • The working at the convenience of one’s home is better way to live and if anyone educated the right way then definitely will enjoy it a lot.

      I never forget the time I’m in the kitchen while listen to audio book or great idea pop up in my mind so I run to write note/article title. It is really up to you when and where to work.

  4. Hi Sofia,

    Let me first congratulate for successfully building your website, which I am certain it will help a lot of people who are not aware of the benefits of working from a laptop.  Online business is indeed a solution to the rising rate of unemployment, unreasonable workplace demands.  What I enjoy most is the freedom of location, which allows me to be there for my friends and family whenever they need me.  The fact that you don’t even need to have a capital to begin is a bonus.  

    All the best.


    • Thanks  Sandikazi.

      The laptop with WIFI can be as treasure chest if people work the right way.

      Nice to have your said here.


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