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  1. Hi Friend,

    This is a very helpful and detailed review on My Lead Generation System. I have seen advertisements for My Lead Generation System, so was wondering what it was all about. After reading your review, I will not be tempted to buy into the program. There are just too many cons that I do not like, the worst one being the cold leads that one is provided with. 

    The upsells that you are not told about before the time, is another con that puts me off. I agree with Wealthy Affiliate being the better choice. Thanks for sharing. 

    Have Great Day.

  2. Hello Safia,

    I used to be a member of My Lead Generation Secret and bought into all levels where you get leads. I stopped using them because the leads were not allowed, had several of them replied back how I got their contact information without their consent.

    The best practice is to get organic leads (Build Leads)  and not get leads from My Lead Generation Secret (Buying leads). I recommend anyone using this type of service be cautious.

    I like your review.


    • Hello Jannette,

      I was there too around 3 months. I never been contacted by the leads, but I found that they opening rate  is very low… and during 3 months I got 8 sales of MLGS only. 

      There is something fishy about it.

      I have a lot to tell about MLGS and updating of this review coming soon.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Have great day wit Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Hello Safia,

    This is insightful review. Although my lead Gen secret is not a scam and the delivery of 100 leads daily looks juicy but the fact that this leads will be difficult to convert as it is a great challenge.

    It is better I grow my email list organically at less cost and with higher conversion rate. Worst of it is that the list does not cover a wide range of niches that drive me mad when I choose to send offer to the leads.


    • Hi friend,

      You cannot say a scam until you try and see their value.

      When they claim that their leads will make you living and no need for organic traffic anymore, then you find the converting very low..then you will change your opinion.

      The MLGS testimonial you found on sale page was done before and at the beginning of mlgs launch. That time they care about quality of leads and they choose the best of best leads to get rocket results.

      I tried the MLGS for 2 month without results at all, then I complaining to the support…after that I got sales each week and this may I said may from their side (send me buyer not janky leads!).

      Have nice time.

  4. This is a fantastic and comprehensive evaluation of My Lead Generation System. I’d noticed ads for My Lead Generation System and was curious as to what it was all about. I will not be lured to buy into the program after reading your evaluation. There are simply too many disadvantages for me, the worst of which is the cold leads that are offered.

    Another disadvantage that turns me off is the upsells that aren’t disclosed ahead of time. Wealthy Affiliate is, without a doubt, the better option. Thank you for providing this information.

    • No body like up sales.

      To know the legit of any product, apply tricks and see if they give you the silly up sales for FREE, if they do, then you know that the product not worth your time before the money. This what happen with me exactly. I got the up sale free!

      Run for your time.

  5. Thanks for the information. I find with any kind of leads you buy, no matter how cheap or expensive they are, that they are all cold cold cold. It takes time to warm them up, no matter what. I think the best way to generate leads that are at least somewhat warm is through your own website. 

    • Hi Lynn,

      Great conclusion. I hope every body reach it without trying and wasting money and time by reading this article or similar to.

      Yes, collecting leads through your site is the best way as your contents warm them up and they understand the upcoming emails and even respond quickly too.

      Take Care.

  6. I definitely agree with the comparison chart between Wealthy Affiliate and the Lead Generation.  I also think Wealthy Affiliate is the better way to go.  What use is paying for very cold leads and some of them may not even be relevant to your niche.  Upswells put me off, I absolutely have this red light happening when upswells appear and everything sounds too good to be true.  I definitely would go for Wealthy Affiliate, thanks for the review and eye-opener on Lead Generation.

    • Hi Ruth,

      No brainer to know that Wealthy Affiliate is the very right place to start any online business even Ecommerce store.

      the monthly cost of MGLS ($30/ month) is higher than monthly cost of Wealthy Affiliate through Black Friday offer ($24/month only).

      The results from Wealthy Affiliate can appear literally after publishing even 5 articles, while MLGS needs to email cold leads and  make them warm to buy and sometimes report you as spammer!

      There are too many to talk about such cold leads systems!

      Take Care.

  7. This is a very helpful and detailed review of the Mi Lead Generation System. After reading your review, I will not be tempted to buy the program. there are too many flaws that I don’t like, and the worse the cold guidees that are provided to me.

    Do you have a recommendation for another strategy?

    • HI dear,

      I recommended this platform to start learn the core of Email marketing specifically and the Affiliate marketing in General.

      Hope this more clear now.

  8. The red flags outrank the pros I would say. I am not well-versed about email marketing, but I understand from your review on MLGS that it is not at all worth the time, money and effort. In any time of business, time and other resources are of essence. I appreciate your sharing of this informative review, to warn us off before we regret spending precious time and money.

    Wealthy Affiliate is still the best option that I would recommend like you.

    Thank you and God bless you,


  9. Hello Safia

    I have to say that this is the first time I have heard of My Lead Gen Secret. This review helps people to know what they are signing up for. From reading the review, I also don’t feel that it is worth the time or money.  You can’ t really get many leads without building a relationship with people.  

    As far as the done for you mailer, since it only emails one time, I would like to know how often is that? One time a day?  I personally have to have some type of trust in whomever is sending me a marketing email. 

    Thank you for this review.

    • The Trust is every thing through doing any online business and especially email marketing.

      This business just provide cold email lists which does not know you already in order to build trust and make sales and the same time pay MLGS. It is a joke.. lol

      The right way is make contents and create your email list according to that contents and then start Email marketing as in this case, the leads are already hot and very relevent to niche (content).

      Have Nice Day.

  10. Thank you for your neutral review of My Lead Gen Secrets. I have heard of them before in my affiliate marketing journey but hadn’t put the time in to vet the company so I am glad you did and I stumbled across your page so I can make the decision to not go with them after all. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand, although a different kind of model than My Lead Gen Secrets, has a LOT to offer for both those just starting in the business and veterans alike! I am excited to try them out and see where it takes me!

    • Wealthy affiliate can teach you how to do the email marketing the right way and not the way MLGS did.

      The MLGS collects the emails using advertising agency and they use the correct ways to do that which explained on Wealthy Affiliate training.

      So what is the best, let others hunt fish for me or fish myself and build skills the right way?

      Have Great Day. 


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