6 thoughts on “Neutral My Lead Generation Secret Review 2022”

  1. Hi Friend,

    This is a very helpful and detailed review on My Lead Generation System. I have seen advertisements for My Lead Generation System, so was wondering what it was all about. After reading your review, I will not be tempted to buy into the program. There are just too many cons that I do not like, the worst one being the cold leads that one is provided with. 

    The upsells that you are not told about before the time, is another con that puts me off. I agree with Wealthy Affiliate being the better choice. Thanks for sharing. 

    Have Great Day.

  2. Hello Safia,

    I used to be a member of My Lead Generation Secret and bought into all levels where you get leads. I stopped using them because the leads were not allowed, had several of them replied back how I got their contact information without their consent.

    The best practice is to get organic leads (Build Leads)  and not get leads from My Lead Generation Secret (Buying leads). I recommend anyone using this type of service be cautious.

    I like your review.


    • Hello Jannette,

      I was there too around 3 months. I never been contacted by the leads, but I found that they opening rate  is very low… and during 3 months I got 8 sales of MLGS only. 

      There is something fishy about it.

      I have a lot to tell about MLGS and updating of this review coming soon.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Have great day wit Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Hello Safia,

    This is insightful review. Although my lead Gen secret is not a scam and the delivery of 100 leads daily looks juicy but the fact that this leads will be difficult to convert as it is a great challenge.

    It is better I grow my email list organically at less cost and with higher conversion rate. Worst of it is that the list does not cover a wide range of niches that drive me mad when I choose to send offer to the leads.


    • Hi friend,

      You cannot say a scam until you try and see their value.

      When they claim that their leads will make you living and no need for organic traffic anymore, then you find the converting very low..then you will change your opinion.

      The MLGS testimonial you found on sale page was done before and at the beginning of mlgs launch. That time they care about quality of leads and they choose the best of best leads to get rocket results.

      I tried the MLGS for 2 month without results at all, then I complaining to the support…after that I got sales each week and this may I said may from their side (send me buyer not janky leads!).

      Have nice time.


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