The Best Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special Offer

 If you already made your decision and ready to grab the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday special deal click here.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special Offer is back again in 2022 and with more options and bonuses. If YOU lost your job during this Covid-19 pandemic, this offer is the best investment you can make ever to start  learn how to make money online and stay save. 

This deal is available once during the year and for short 3 days from JUNE 6th to 9th. There’s no grantee to have such a deal each year so that why it is a really captivating deal for 2023!

If you don’t hear about the wealthy affiliate and not aware what the heck is it, please, have a look and check my complete Wealthy Affiliate review.

In short words, the wealthy affiliate is all-in-one affiliate marketing program providing you with the perfect education, affiliate marketing tools, immediate support from Wealthy Affiliate team, and the unique community.


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The Best Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special Offer Overview.

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Product: Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Offer
Owners: Carson & Kyle,
Years in Business: 18,
Product type: all-in-one affiliate marketing platform, 
Price: $299 / year,  
Scam / Legit? : 100% Legit,
Recommended or not?:  100% recommended.

Why Was Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special Deal Made?

Literally, because of YOU! This annually discount is the result of the short discount that Wealthy Affiliate offers for the first month of joining.

WA found that letting people joining WA with 61% discount ($0.63/day for the first month)  was not sufficient to try all the actual high-quality products within the platform and make money.

As a result of that Wealthy Affiliate makes Black Friday special offer with 49% discount ($0.82/day for each year) to extend premium member’s experience so that they can apply all training to start earning without panic. 

Wealthy Affiliate never mind losing money if this goes on your behalf to start and grow the successful online business because it believes that its services is the best in the whole Internet.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special

WA Black Friday Offer: Pay Less and Get All

Let us keep going with our estimated cost for this service (high-quality affiliate marketing community). $4-$5/ month is the cost to

  • Have access to WA community which can provide free target comment on your posts,

  • Feedback, 1 to 1 coaching (Kyle can be your coach, yeh really),

  • Immediate help through live chat, and PM to successful WA members.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special


What is The Deal Within The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special?

I recommend you to read my Wealthy Affiliate review to be familiar with what is offered at Wealthy Affiliate. You will see that separate cost of each service is incredibly cheap but Wealthy Affiliate sell them all together at once that why is called All-in-one affiliate marketing platform.

The deal is grabbing All services for whole the next years to be a super successful online marketer with cost of $0.82/ day.

The Lowest Hosting Cost Ever

I always have been asked about the cost of hosting at Wealthy Affiliate. The truth about the real cost will surprise you.

Wealthy Affiliate provides website hosting, training, community, tools for any affiliate marketer, and 1 to 1 coaching. so let’s divide the monthly fees for all payment options on (5). The below chart showing Wealthy Affiliate cost in details.

The cost of hosting (10 sites at once) per month  is around $5 only with high quality hosting. Insane, right!

Detailed Average cost of Wealthy Affiliate

Now see the actual website hosting from other hosting companies in below table, even if you considered the monthly fees of WA under other payment options, you can see that Wealthy Affiliate black Friday offer beats them all. Hand down.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday

The Lowest Legit Affiliate Training Cost on the Whole Internet

The training provided by WA is unique and really works. The WA main training is Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC), affiliate Bootcamp and live webinars.

According to the previous section, you will find yourself paying $5 / month if you take WA Black Friday special offer. Now try to divide $5 on 3, you get  $1.7 as the average cost for each of the mentioned training.

This fact let you wondering did the hundreds of recorded live webinars cost $1.7/month, or did the main WA courses really cost $1.7, or did the unmentioned training really cost $1.7? The answer is NO, they cost 100’s of dollars/year outside Wealthy Affiliate platform.

To be honest, I really become so surprised as I never have done such calculations before now in this manner to estimate the cost of education at Wealthy Affiliate.  so where on the earth you find professor charging $1.7/ month approximately for the whole year?

The below is shortcut images for the main WA training.


Wealthy Affiliate Main Course
Wealthy Affiliate Main affiliate Course
Wealthy Affiliate Live Education
Online Entrepreneur Certification
Affiliate Bootcamp Course
Live Webinars
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Doubling Recurring Commission From WA Affiliate Program 

If you’re already marketer and your niche is making money online then do not hesitate to grab this opportunity and promote WA for the next year. Grabbing WA BF offer let you ahead to earn recurring commission.

As 24.92 monthly cost is close to monthly recurring ($23) from a referral. If you get only one premium referral with monthly payment then you save the next year membership cost.

 Wealthy Affiliate commissions

Authority Wealthy Affiliate Blog  

You don’t know what blogging at WA can achieve for you yet!. We did not account the cost of WA blog (already indexed in Google), and if we add it as sixth products then WA blog cost around $4/month.

If you’re blogging at WA, you can target leads and rank higher within Google automatically using the simplest SEO strategy.

Your posts blogging via Wealthy Affiliate personal blog will rank faster than your own new website. WA site already having authority within search engines (Even Baidu chinses search engine which, controlling around 76.0% of China’s market share) with high-quality content. 

Never underestimate black Friday opportunity in order to take all of the benefits from Wealthy Affiliate blog.

Easy Cheapest Ranking

Highly Supportive Online Community Never Seen Before

Let us keep going with our estimated cost for this service (high-quality affiliate marketing community). $4-$5/ month is the cost to

  • Have access to WA community which can provide free target comment on your posts,

  • Feedback, 1 to 1 coaching (Kyle can be your coach, yeh really),

  • Immediate help through live chat, and PM to successful WA members.


Wealth Affiliate Help Centre

Jaaxy Lite Research Platform

Finding the right keywords and understanding your website rankings will be a piece of your business.

It’s true that our keyword research is invaluable to your work, and to find winning key word can be worth thousands of dollars to you and there are many millions of keywords.

YOU Can Really Make Money Online

Here is my proof that training of Wealthy Affiliate can let you earn great commissions. If you follow the training through your site, the results will surprise you. It is a matter of setting goals, plan and persistence.

I earn a commission from Wealthy Affiliate and just withdraw some to bring proof to you so that you can be confident about the overall process.

My Latest Payout From Wealthy Affiliate

4  More Reasons to Have Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal.

There are more reasons that let you want to take Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal seriously which are:-

1-  You will learn how to make more money during the next year for any niche of your choice,

Working From Wealthy Affiliate

2- Reduce $60/ year by avoiding the normal annual upgrading,

Black Friday Discount

3- Save 289 / year by avoiding monthly upgrading,

4- Feel more relax by paying the lowest annual fees in advance so that no more thinking about monthly fees and focus only on your achievements.


See What  WA Members use to say About Black Friday

Here some of Wealthy Affiliate premium members who take the advantage of WA BF special offer and get annual upgrading and they keep with it until now.

Cool  Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday
Cool  Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday
Cool  Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday
Cool  Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday
Wendy the Wealthy Affiliate member
Karin The Wealthy Affiliate Member
Rick The Wealthy Affiliate Member
Xiang The Wealthy Affiliate Member
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Get Your 2022 Bonuses Without Delay

#1:Kyle’s Bonus “Success in 2022” Expert Classes

#2: Jay’s Bonus “Research to Profits, 14 Day Case Stud.

14 Day LIVE Case Study

#3: My 1- to -1 Mentoring for FREE,

#4:  Free Premium Accounts with Glorify software for full 2 months and this is for the first 8 people who grab the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal this season so hurry up.

#5: All previous Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Bonuses are available for you for Free.


I will let you know about these bonuses when you are inside. In addition, Kyle and Jay will deliver the 2022 bonuses immediately after you join the Wealthy Affiliate this year.



Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special FAQ

Q: Where you can get the wealthy affiliate black Friday Special?

A: You reach your destination here at this post. you can press any of the above buttons to join WA and grab your special offer within Black Friday season.

Q: Currently, I do not have enough fund, so Can this offer be extended?

A: You will be lucky enough if this offer is extended for 1-2  days until 5 Dec 2019.

Q: I’ve enough fund to pay for 2 years at once, so can I buy a premium membership for more than one year?

A: No, the Wealthy Affiliate does not consider this payment option at this moment, but you will be with black Friday payment option as long as you want.

Q: Are the starters able to see and have the advantage of this black Friday special offer?

A: Yes, starters now can directly upgrade with annual payment option.

Q: What does occur if I take this annual offer while I’m on monthly payments?

A: Your monthly payment on Nov. will be subtracted from the main Black Friday annual payment. the next years will be automatically at $299.

Q: what does occur if I take this annual offer while I’m on normal annual payments?

A: If you go annually before the Black Friday deal starts, you will pay the full price for both (Normal annual price + Black Friday annual price). In fact, you will be paying for two years. After the duration of two years complete, you will pay for the BF annual deal at $299 only.

Q: What does occur if I upgrade using normal annual payment (paying $359) as I don’t about Black Friday deal can I grab the offer this year or not?

A: See the answer to the previous question.

Q: What is the best practice to take advantage of WA Black Friday deal?

A:  1-If you’re still the starter and you’re on a tight budget then do not go monthly or normal annually, just wait the black Friday deal starting on Nov. then grab this offer.

2-If you’re still the starter and you have enough fund and in hurry to start your online business today before tomorrow, stay monthly (did not go annually) until the Black Friday offers begins in Nov.

Q: What if my question not included here within Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday FAQ, where I find the answer?

A: These are FAQ for black Friday offer and the general FAQ about wealthy affiliate can be found on my complete wealthy affiliate review.

If you have any further questions or need more explanations, or you have grabbed this offer before, just write your comment to share us your thoughts. 

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48 thoughts on “The Best Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special Offer”

  1. Great read on the WA discount. I did not know there was a sale, and I just signed up for premium already! This should be a sticky for all WA members and potential members so we all get as much discount as possible!

    Thanks for taking the time to layout all the details. I like that the offer can be extendable during November, gives folks more flexibility with payment.

    • hello Mark,

      I’m one who take the advantage of Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special deal from first time I’ve join wealthy affiliate. This makes me write this post to let other people who hope to start online business to take my steps in mind.

      Thanks for standing by and add your valued input.

  2. Hello safia, I think this is the best deal anyone would ever wish for to join wealthy Affiliate. This black Friday is really awesome and would definitely be great to take advantage of.  The price is unimaginably low and consisting the fact that I would be able to gain so much through it,I am willing to take up the option and try it out. Thanks so much for this post on it.

    • Hello Mattias,

      Yep, I agree that wealthy Affiliate price with the black Friday offer is unimaginably low. Most people do  not know the prices of the provided services, this make me divided to pieces so it can make more sense.

      I’m happy that this post added good value and encourage you to take step forward staring online business.

  3. This stuffs just keep getting better by the day. Most peoples wish to join wealthy affiliate and make some money but some of them do complain about the money  required to register. And now there is a discount on it, it just what everyone would gladly jump on. I’ll inform others about this wonderful offer so they can  make more money from WA. Thanks for sharing 

    • Hi Chloe,

      Getting this huge discount is just the winner start to make money online. $24.92/month is really no thing in comparison to the provided services within Wealthy Affiliate. The Wealth Affiliate Black Friday special offer is the best nowadays on the Internet.

      The Wealthy Affiliate platform is getting more smarter than other online affiliate marketing platforms not with the services only but the cost just not comparable.

  4. The wealthy affiliate black Friday offer is one of the best black Friday offers I have seen in my life. The discount for the offer is unbelievably low and shouldn’t be taken for taken for granted because of the awesome rewards that are involved in wealthy affiliate is one of a kind and very valuable… If you are just hearing of wealthy affiliate and you are yet to be a part of this successful platform,you are missing.

    • Hi Willy,

      Many missed this platform, however the wealthy affiliate has been in business for 14 years. This forced me to write about it and share my thoughts & experience.

      Most who missed this platform have been failed within scam or just struggle getting start or success.

      happy to read your comment here

  5. This is quite an interesting offer, this means one could potentially save loads of dollars with this black Friday deal.

    I do love that idea and I can see that this Wealthy Affiliate seems to have a great training course and support, that is exactly what I need right now.

    If I may ask, do I need to be a member already before I can take advantage of this deal or can I just sign up on the same day?

    • Hello queen,

      Yes, to take the advantage of this huge discount, first create free account at Wealthy Affiliate and then you can see the back Friday offer within upgrade promotion .

      let me know if you need more help.

  6. Thank you for creating this very much needed awareness about wealthy affiliate,I feel this black Friday package is very much worth it because wealthy affiliate offers so many amazing service, I think this is the best discount I have ever seen on the internet. I will tap into this wonderful offer also.

    is this offer available each year?

    • Hello Charles,

      I’m not sure if this deal will be offered each year, and this is totally up to the Wealthy Affiliate founder and the WA team.

      Make your leap this year and never worry about it again.

  7. Hi Safia,

    Can you explain the difference between the training you receive with the free basic membership and the premium membership?

    I’m also interested in the website hosting side of things. Do you get a free SSL certificate for every site?

    One more thing. Do you use Jaaxy yourself and how do you find it?

    Sorry for all the questions.


    • Hi Henri,

      Answer Q1: within the premium membership, you have access to all training with wealthy affiliate but with the free membership, you just have level one of OEC and  Bootcamp training and not access to recorded live webinars, in addition to 2 classrooms access from whole 13 classrooms.

      Answer Q2: On 2017, WA made free SSL certificate is the main right for all wealthy affiliate members whether they are starters or premiums.

      Answer Q3: Jaaxy is my favorite keywords search tool and premium have free access to lite version of jaaxy. It is great tool as it integrated with other WA writing services (Sitecontent) to save more time and increase your productivity.Jaaxy is easy to use and enough to get rolling and have successful website. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review as I talked about Jaaxy there.

      If you’ve any wondering about anything within Wealthy Affiliate, you can come here and ask.

  8. Hi, Safia.
    Thanks for sharing the Discount aspect of Wealthy Affiliate membership.
    What I liked most is the fact that if you pay for monthly or normal yearly fee and pay during the Black Friday Sale, the whole amount can be adjusted so the benefit of discounted price continues.
    Another benefit I appreciated is that If you take Black Friday Offer then it is guaranteed for the remaining years. Seeing the overwhelming response , what I feel is that, only old premium members will continue getting the benefit for upcoming years if it is stopped for new members.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hi Gaurav,

      You’re completely right and this because Wealthy Affiliate is legit company that makes all members feel special just as been part of it.

      I cannot imagine my business getting better without wealthy affiliate.

      Have nice weekend Gaurav

  9. I am a member of wealthy affiliate and I Was searching for a good offer for black Friday. I never imagined there is really an offer for this. I want to upgrade from monthly to yearly. Thank you for this information about this Black Friday sale.

    Wealthy Affiliate is just an amazing platform with amazing community, there is a lot to learn from this treasure about everything related to affiliate marketing. I am lucky to be part of this community and I am proud that I have my own blog now because of the training here on Wealthy Affiliate.

    • My pleasure to find my post bring your intention to this deal. I encourage you to do annual upgrading in next session. I
      I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is much than anyone imagine. I’m soon will share some unique post about wealthy affiliate.

  10. Hi Safia,

    The hosting looks great barging to be grabbed in this Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday special. Only $4, I will be inside soon,

    see ya

    • Hi Mark,

      Absolutely agree, bear in mind that you can host 25 domains (your owns) and 25 siteRubix sub-domain.

      You’re welcome to join the Wealthy Affiliate.

      You’ll receive message from me shortly.

  11. Hey there

    Having some experience with Wealthy Affiliate, I can absolutely support what you have to say here.  Well done to anyone who joins.  The training was the best part for me.  even on a free membership, one could do the first ten sessions.  This meant I could start setting a website up for the first time.

    A lot of affiliate platforms have really good offerings, but this is by far the best idea for beginners


    • Hello Sam,

      This Black Friday is a huge benefit as early Beta access to NEW Releases at Wealthy Affiliate will be available at the beginning of 2020.

       the WA is not great only to start for beginners to learn affiliate marketing (I was completely newbie) but it also a perfect place for an expert to earn almost 50% commission to promote WA.

      have great day, Sam

  12. Wealthy Affiliate is the best online business platform I know of the offers the best in online training and creating means if wealth making for its members. The Wealthy Affiliate’s black Friday will be off today since it’s to be for just 4 days. I’ll definitely grab mine as soon as possible before it goes off. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Andrea,

      Yes, today (Monday) 2/12 is the last day. No one knows if the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday special will be offered again next year.

      Good luck with the next 2020.

      All the best for your online business.

  13. The ongoing black Friday deal on wealthy affiliate is the real deal. Getting a whopping percentage off subscription on a platform like wealthy affiliate I nothing but a gem. I have already taken advantage of the deal and I hope that more people will. The platform has really helped me and I am just so grateful for the owners for the opportunity to work there. I hope that more people will understand the goodness of the platform and also work with it. 

    The hosting service at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best in the industry nowadays. It is safe, cheap and more responding to host your online business with Wealthy Affiliate. They always offer the best of the best for their clients.

    • Hello Henderson,

      I think anyone should be lucky enough to grab the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday special deal to have a successful online business.

      “People don’t know what they do not know” this make me post about Wealthy Affiliate to help them aware of this fantastic opportunity.

  14. Wealthy Affiliate black Friday Offer I think is one of the best Black Friday offers in my life. Thank you for creating this much needed awareness of Wealthy Affiliate Approvals, I think this Black Friday package is very valuable for it because rich people can provide so many amazing services, I think this is the best discount I have ever seen on the internet. I will accept this great offer. Do I get this Black Friday offer every year?

    • Hi Siamsk,

      I’m not sure if this deal will be offered next year or not. If not, people have to pay more $550 for a normal monthly subscription for a year.

      I hope people aware of this point as business services changes with the time and what is available this year may not accessible next years!

      Thanks for asking such an important question, if you have more questions, please, go ahead and ask here.

  15. To me, everyday looks like a black Friday in WA because it all comes at convenience for you, the best part of this deal is the aspect of discounted price for the yearly subscription, it’s a very fair and good offer for its members. I think so people are yet to get this information, I’ll share it around. I also like the idea of asking Kyle anything, it is cool.

    • Yes Wildecoll, I can’t agree with you more.

      people not concern about the money only, they think that they are not a good writer and this holds them back.

      I can tell people who still on the fence of Wealthy Affiliate that Wealthy Affiliate platform is a complete package that provides solutions to any blogging related issue included writing problem.

      I still remember the Jerry training about how to select a good writer for your blog, in the next 2020, I’m about to rent writer for my blogs after I have experience the blogging my self and have a good income to invest for my blogs.

      Thanks a lot Wildecoll.

  16. Great post, very helpful and informative. 
    Wealrhy Affiliate is the best place I found after many months of searching. It is also an excellent price, considering all the benefits available. At this special offer price it is an amazing bargain even without all the extra bonuses. 
    For anyone serious about wanting a better future by starting a business this is a superb deal. I know because I took it myself. I like that you get it for the bargain price for ever. Love the bonuses too.

    • Hi Linda,

      yes, Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special deal has made Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect spot to start a business online. You know I do blogging and usually dropship staff at eBay and the Wealthy Affiliate still help me doing my dropship. I will tell you how? first, I sometimes ask questions at WA and Wa members shared their experience with me. second, I use the site content to write the description of my product, imagine 50 or 80 contents are only for my dropshipping business as I keep my templates at WA and check grammar to save my time.

      Thanks for your input.

  17. Already, I have grabbed my own portion of this year’s black Friday of Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve always wanted to have a chance to enjoy discounts like this. Wealthy Affiliate never ceases to amaze me with the kind of offers it renders to it’s members, it makes it easy for people to get free and enjoy more of the platform. WA’s black Friday is a pleasant one.

    • Hello Rosline,

      I’m happy for you to be one of the luckiest WA members who grab this deal. The success is in front of you, and you just are about to have it.

  18. Hi there,

    I can see the big discount with the wealthy affiliate black Friday offer. Unfortaintly, I missed this offer in 2019.
    So can I join now and do annualy payment and the during BF session 2020 catch this offer? How much I should pay then as you did not explain this in your review.

    Waiting for your replay

    • Hi Calinda,

      Yes, you can join now and pay for a normal annual membership and then you can exchange your normal annual payment to BF annual payment (Just contact me from inside wealthy Affiliate and I’will show you how?)

      During BF session, the BF annual payment will appear for all Wealth Affiliate members for 2-4 days and then dispear. All you need to do is to choose BF payment offer instead of normal annual payment (I think you don’t need to pay many in case the remaining payment from normal annual is more than BF annual payment ($299).

      All the best.

  19. Hello Safia,

    I just read your post and I feel very okay to take wealthy affiliate black Friday offer this year (2020).

    If you kindly help me while I’m still a starter member until I move to the premium level.

    Best regards

    • Hi Sarah,

      Yes, I can help you until you become a premium member where you have full access to all training and fantastic help.

      See you within The Wealthy Affiliate.

  20. Hello Safia, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me…I have been with wealthy Affiliate for a very long time and I am yet to buy any back Friday products, I think this would be the starting point for me.

  21. Hello Safia,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of information with me, ever since I have been on this platform I have been able to learn and earn at the same time, this has really helped me in my financial troubles, I always look forward to more teachings from this site as it is like the best thing that has ever happened to me before.

    • Hello Maureen,

      At Wealthy Affiliate, the members start applying everything they learn directly so they have a shortcut to earn the money they want. This is the opposite idea of traditional education offline where student have to graduate (probably after 4 years at least) to have a part-time job!

      I can say that who don’t try wealthy affiliate yet, never get out of the boring educational system.

  22. This is one fantastic offering from wealthy affiliate this Christmas holiday period. The discount offered for this very special Black Friday deal is really amazing. This deal is indeed for us, Wealthy Affiliate start members, to help us get an affordable yearly subscription that will not only help us save money but also give us more to benefit to earn it while COVID-19 is around from our comfortable home. 

    • Nelson, I cannot agree with you more. COVID-19  force people to work smarter than before. Diving in online business was an option before COVID-19, but nowadays, having online business become a choice!

      I hope people figure out the huge opportunity withing Wealthy Affiliate and never give up.

  23. This special will truly help people who are looking for ways to make money from home. When does the special end and how much is the original price? Is it a monthly payment or a once off payment? I will be sure to share this article with friends and family, I am sure that they will appreciate it. Thank you for this wonderful post 

    • Hello Daniel,

      to have answers for your questions, please, read the BF WA review and the main WA review..I answered all questions there.

  24. The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal is really superb value for money, specially when you see it broken down to just 0.82 cents per day. I originally joined Wealthy Affiliate for free, then took advantage of the $19 per month before taking out Premium membership. Last year I did get the Black Friday deal and can now renew at the special low price. But if a member has taken out the annual membership already, can they then change to the Black Friday special?

    • Hi Lina,

      yes, they can choose any plan to is up to the WA member completely. But the BF deal i a only for specific duration a year. It is smart deal.


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