How To Promote Wealthy Affiliate For FREE? | YOU Can Do This in 2022.

I am actually going to show you How to Promote Wealthy Affiliates For Free?. You can actually promote wealthy affiliate for free and see if you can become a super affiliate of wealthy affiliates in the future. I really hope this article will add good value for you.


How To Promote Wealthy Affiliate For FREE?


Step 1:


You need to sign up to a wealthy affiliate as a starter. Remember you see what they feel has membership options, a free one and a paid one. So a free one is the starter member. but not everybody is eligible.


I just want to mention this because there’s about 10 countries that do not qualify for the starter membership because of high risk of fraud, and that is the reason – and if that is the case with you, then that means that you just need to go premium. Okay, and so if you are eligible for the free, this is what you’re going to do.



Step 2: 

You’re going to set up your free website and you’re going get your affiliate link. with your starter membership you are only allowed to access live chat for  a limited time. T

When you sign up for a free website, you are only allowed to access live chat for a limited time. But there are advantages to signing up for an annual plan. If you sign up, you will be able to have unlimited live chat access, as well as other services I review Here.

That’s why it’s very important that you read  this article until the end to know  how you can get help from me.

You need to create a free website. Using a site builder will create a new website on a free domain (wealthy affiliate subdomain). Whatever name you want it, so you want something that coincides with something about wealthy affiliate such as Making money online or working from home. 

The free domain name is going to sit on the Rubix site,  you’re going to just enter your information and then the title could be the same or a little bit longer. And the name of the domain is not changeable.

Once you set up but, the title you can’t change it after you set up domain name. because your free member (starter)  you’re, not going get three thousand themes (included with premium membership only). Themes such as  a premium member. You can change it later if you want.

To build website,  maybe 20 minutes or half an hour for it while the Internet has to be  connected and then you are ready to start immediately.


Step 3:


Start your training, Bootcamp training is promoting wealthy affiliate and with your free account, you don’t get this first level free. you go work through this first level so that you can set up your own website correctly and then you can put whatever information that you need on there to promote wealthy affiliate.

so after you have gone through here, then you should go and grab your affiliate link. So this dollar icon right here this menu, you just go to either program details or you go to links and tracking. These are the two places where you can go. Get your affiliate links,

So once you have your website set up, what you should probably do is write one post in your website about wealthy affiliate so that people have a place to go to to learn about wealthy affiliate through You, You here try to provide enough educate people about WA.

Using direct affiliate link is not practical, as people have to land on your website which is sort of a nice and professional site. kindly explain what it’s about with the features and what they’re going to learn. Okay, so and make sure your affiliate link included on that page.

Okay, that’s the whole point. You want to have your affiliate link on that page either through a button that you create or just added on some text into your article. it’s basically like a review of wealthy affiliate.


Step 4:

Promoting that particular page (your WA review). how are you going to promote it? There are four free ways to do so.


1- Facebook groups can be a great place to make contact with others interested in your niche. Join some groups and post your Wealthy Affiliate review link there if it’s related to that group’s content. Search for different types of groups, such as those for people who want to make money online or blogging communities.

When you are creating your Facebook profile, you should make sure it looks professional to increase the likelihood that people will trust you. You can do this by adding your website to your profile – this way, people who check up on you through Facebook will see that you are a legitimate business.


2- Online forums such as warrior plus or Quora or reddit, these are communities where people hang out.

You need to be careful when you join these forums because they don’t like spam. In order to avoid any issues, make sure you add your website link on your profile before joining.


3- A list of emails that people are happy to receive your updates. Obviously, an email list will work best if the recipients are already interested in your website.

You could also try social media, if that’s more suitable for you! Besides Facebook groups, people can make money online through their Instagram or Twitter profiles. They can also find relevant hashtags that may lead to some opportunities as well.


4- YouTube is the best free method, because it is the best search engine after google. You need to make  videos about WA. You don’t need to show your face, just record your screen with your voice while you explain.

You just need to create content on your own and update your channel, if you are dedicated you need to do maybe one to three videos per week. Don’t forget to add your website link to the description of each video you make.


Starting making Money


Hopefully, once you start promoting, you can make money, so you want to basically keep going. why people don’t succeed is because they see shiny objects and they jump from one thing to another, and it’s not focusing on one path. You need to stay focused and stay consistent.


Once you make money: Go premium as soon as possible to double your current earning.

When you start seeing results and once you start making money, you can earn up to twice as much.

If you’re interested in becoming a premium member, you should know that the first month costs $19, and as a premium member, you will earn $8. See the below image that has a summary of your potential earning.







Start affiliate Bootcamp : Work on  Website for Massive Commissions.

Bootcamp training has seven levels, with ten lessons in each level. So there are actually seventy lessons in the first five levels, on free traffic, and the last two levels focus on paid traffic.

To sign up with me, press the button below. You will get free training and free coaching from me after upgrading.



Do the online entrepreneur certification course, which is the same kind of strategy you’re using in the Bootcamp course, but it can be used for a niche site of your own topic.

My Bonuses

  • A saving around 60% for the first month
  • Free coaching for all my referrals
  • Free access to all of my blogs at WA,



To Takeaway: 

1-Sign up for free,

2-Set up your website and take your affiliate link,

3-Promote your website for free,

4-Make money and double your earning.


If you have any thoughts or questions to share, I am happy to read your comment below this article and  replay.

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10 thoughts on “How To Promote Wealthy Affiliate For FREE? | YOU Can Do This in 2022.”

  1. Some of my friends have recommend me to join wealthy affiliate and honestly, I was confused how to promote  it as starter for free? lol..

    Your post provides the answer. I will be sure to start advertising on my socials media so it can get more attention.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post  Have great day.

  2. Hi Safia,

    I just signed up as starter in Wealthy Affiliate and am doing Google searching about how to promote Wealthy Affiliate for free. Boom, I got this post through first page of search results. 

    All ways you offer is doable and just I need to be more organized and record every action I did. In addition, to be honest, I never record any video and published in YT. Can you give me some hints.

    Have nice day. 

    • Hello Kwidzin,

      Sure. For recording your video, you can use the free version of the Screencast-O-Matic: Screen Recorder & Video Editor. Then publish the video on your YT channel and fill all required info. Use Glorify (Free too) to make all your pictures. Here are some of my source and toolsI used to use every day in my business. Keep posting videos and share them to educate people about Wealthy Affiliate.

      You can sign here to get informed with newsletters for more hints.

      Have nice day.

  3. Hi Safia,

    I was looking for tips on how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and start making commissions as I am not an upgraded premium member yet. 

    Your tips have helped me get my first referral using social media. I published a post on my business page and then a short video in YT that I shared in FB group to my loyal followers. 

    Thank you and have great day

    • Hi Jannette,

      The social media can do magic without moving away from your chair. You play it right.

      You now keep promoting the Wealthy Affiliate and then you can upgrate to gain full access to the best online platform.

      Have great day too.

  4. Hello Safia,

    So, how easy is it to create your own website with Wealthy Affiliate? As I know for most people, the technical aspects of creating a website are overwhelming and they don’t know how to create a successful WordPress website on their own.

    Does membership at Wealthy Affiliate make it any easier to understand and implement? 

    Waiting for your answer, please.

    • Hi Theresa,

      The Wealthy Affiliate platform offers training on how to build a successful online business from scratch by teaching all the necessary skills to become an internet marketer. The training is available for free and it includes lessons on how to make money, design websites, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing and much more.

      In addition, the Wealthy Affiliate platform has been designed with the intention of helping people create their own websites without any trouble or previous experience. All you need to do is register for an account and start building your site, regardless of how much experience you have.

      The Wealthy Affiliate interface is very user-friendly and it has been designed to make it easy for anyone to create their own website in just a few minutes without any technical knowledge or coding skills required.

      Hope this answer your questions.

      Have great day.

  5. Hello Safia,

    I have actually been with Wealthy Affiliate for about 7 years now, and still do not really promote Wealthy Affiliate.  I have been way too busy working on my blog.  I keep thinking I really should try to also do that, but I just fill all my time working on my blog.  Am I missing out on extra income?

    Have great day.

    • Hi leahrae, 

      Wow, 7 years is long time. At the same time, you got experience to how to do it right.

      It is up to you, if you have even one 3 hour week, then you can start having your extra income soon.

      Have great day.


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