The Missing Wealthy Affiliate University Review – Possible Plan


The reviewers of Wealthy Affiliate always forget to tell YOU  what WA  start membership can offer without upgrading to premium. This is the missing Wealthy Affiliate university review you will never find elsewhere online.

To clarify, let me ask you these questions,

  • Do you ever wish if YOU could make one-time billing with the Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Have YOU wondered how any starter can be a really wealthy affiliate with any niche?
  • Do YOU think ever that the WA founders overestimate the concept WA for starter membership level?

If your answer is yes like mine, then this review is a good source of education to take full advantage of Wealth Affiliate start membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Possible Plan – Lifetime Access with One-Time Billing and More

The cost to join WA is $0. No risk is included, and no credit card is needed. Besides, people may purchase particular courses as a Starter member (Possible plan).

In general, the possible plan can be defined as permanent access to two of the main courses in Wealthy Affiliate by making one-time billing.

Similarities and Differences Between Start And Possible Plan

 Why The Possible Plan

The Wealthy Affiliate main goal is being online open education project. This makes the responsibility of Wealthy affiliate to educate anyone at anystage of marketing jorney.

the marketers could stuck at any stage during building online business due to the lacking of correct eduaction. It has been a lot of marketers who have good blog with traffic but could not motized it propeply, or even make it more socialized.

Wealthy Affiliate comes here to solve this particular issues by providing this forever access to the two main amazing courses (level 3&4 into OEC training).

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Possible Plan Work?

The simple sketch explains what are paid services exactly. The free services are already included when you join WA free, but the paid services are offered within starter account if you did not upgrade to premium yet.

Similarities and Differences Between Start And Possible Plan

Education of  WA

WA education has offered the purchasing of some specific courses. If you are not a new brand newbie and already have a blog, but you are looking to know how to monetize it or make social engagement the correct way (going next level), then the level 3 and level 4 within the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) is essential for you. You can access these particular training for the lifetime if you make one-time-payment while you are still a starter only.

Have a look to see the contents of the two courses (level 3 & 4 into OEC Training). In addition, see what the reviewers said about them.

Level 3

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Level 4

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WA domain and registering domains

As well as, you can buy your own domain from Site Domains at WA with privacy services only (no hosting, no backup, no emails, no support), and in this case, as a starter, you can host your domain outside WA. The maximum cost of a domain is $15 /year and able to be renewed annually.

Paid Services can be purchased using the credit card or PayPal for any starter member. 50$ is the price regarding each of level 3 and level 4. plainly, the value of these levels is priceless in comparison to included information.

These above-paid services (courses) are included within the premium membership which charges you monthly, half-yearly, and yearly.

The Best Practice With Possible Scenario

  1. Buy your own domain (if you did not have one already),
  2. Host your domain somewhere (outside Wealthy affiliate) such as Bluehost,
  3. You can always use the two free sites (sub-domains) provided by Wealthy affiliate,
  4. Have the two courses to start up or  develop your blog,

What Wealthy Affiliate Possible Plan Is Not

  • If you think you can combine a possible plan with a common plan to unlock all WA services gradually, then let me tell you that this is the Impossible upgrading plan within Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Not common plan which I explained in my overall Wealthy Affiliate review (premium membership)

What I like about Wealthy Affiliate possible plan?

  • Save money to have the right affiliate marketing education (One-time billing),
  • The immediate benefit of this possible plan goes to who have already blog with traffic,
  • Access lifetime,
  • Explaining how WA paying attention to all marketer’s levels, so no one left without marketing education whatever his budget is.

 What I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate possible plan?

  • Only for who has access to free start membership (Nigeria only excluded from this service),
  • No access to live chat/ask a question (No WA support community),
  • Unfortunately, no hosting services provided with a possible plan.
  • No Wealthy Affilite personal blog
  • No part access to Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp course (Only phase one)

How to choose between  Possible Plan or Common Plan?

First, you have to sign up with start plan (no choice here). Then you can think to choose between the lowest possible or common plan. Choosing one of these two plans are entirely up to your goals, budget, needed services.

Possible Plan

Choosing a possible plan is right for who have limited fund, or already blogger who wants more knowledge to achieve online success. the possible plan isn’t recommended for who intended to promote WA because of two reasons. first, your commissions will be the lowest amount. second, you don’t have enough education to promote WA perfectly.

Common Plan

However, the common plan (WA complete package)  is for who can afford membership cost and ready to take advantages of the whole Wealthy Affiliate (training/tool/support). In addition, a common plan is really great to choose if you want to have a full commission from WA affiliate program (expert marketers).

The Possible Plan and Credibility of Wealthy Affiliate

This has added huge credibility to WA. WA cares about the different variety of entrepreneurship levels for the expected WA members. This has made WA ahead of other similar companies in the marketing industry.

WA has left no excuses to any want-entrepreneurship to start the real entrepreneurship journey.

Why The Missing Wealthy Affiliate University Review Written?

To be honest, I have hesitating to blog about the possible plan to start with WA because some bloggers have just seen negative aspects of it on their business. They do not like to share this info. to keep people only signing up as premium!

I thought that this is unfair, and I should explain this possible plan to my audience so they reach the next level with the lowest price possible.

This review is for YOU who can access to free WA trail and can’t afford the cost of annually WA membership. This is why this review means a lot to both of us (me & YOU). You can gain lifetime access and I earn credibility as an honest blogger love to help people more than focus on money.

My Final Verdict

The complete story about WA never being told without this review. I have shaded more light on the WA start membership to fill the gap about reviewing the Wealthy Affiliate.

WA has Offered one-time purchasing of two courses within the main OEC training for stater members. No monthly fee to access these based-action courses to get a profitable blog. The possible plan is really perfect if you (starter) are without sufficient fund to join the premium wealthy affiliate.

You are now in the stage of taking direction with Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t worry right now, you can choose later after you sign up for free.

sign up

My Bonuses For YOU

If you would like to join the WA using the possible plan, then I will support you with the following bonuses to make sure that you reach the success,

1- Free access to my facebook group to have my full support,

2- Free Review templates to increase your productivity,

Fill the contact me form with the details of your purchase and then I’ll contact you back shortly with your bonuses.


I like to hear your opinions about the paid services within the possible plan. Did you notice these paid services before now? did you purchase it or upgraded directly to premium? and were you, newbie, when you first start with Wealthy Affiliate? Go Ahead and tell me in the comment section.

Additional Wealthy Affiliate FAQ

Q. Is the possible plan down-sell in somehow?

A. No, it isn’t. the term down-sell explicitly means there is next (up) sell definitely and after the start member bought the paid services, there is no more service available to be purchased within this level of start membership (However, there is a lot of tool & service exist). The start member who got these paid services will stay in starter level and there is no way to upgrade as a premium member. Again, it isn’t down-sell.

Q. Is possible plan accessible for everyone online?

A. No, it isn’t. It is only for who has access to the free trial start a membership at WA. In addition,  current WA premium members have missed this opportunity since it nevermore accessible after upgrading.

Q. Is possible plan still available in 2019 and next?

Yes, it is still accessible in 2019, but I’m not sure in 2020 and after, if WA will still sell the two courses separately. WA will have huge upcoming updating at the beginning of 2020.

Q. Who can benefit from this possible plan?

It is for who have already website with content and traffic but struggle to make money and have no social engagements yet. Therefore, these one-time billing courses are enough to push the online business to another level.

Q. Does the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program included? which level of commission is applied?

A. The starter is joining the WA affiliate program already. The starter has the lowest commission rate at WA. I have to add that this starter cannot have the premium commission level as the upgrading is locked in front of the possible plan.

Q. Does the paid services within start membership have any Black Friday discount?

A. Don’t have. It is one-time payment.

Q: Can the buyers of these courses (WA Starters) receive any future updates?

A: Yes, the updates appear to these WA starters.

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18 thoughts on “The Missing Wealthy Affiliate University Review – Possible Plan”

  1. This is most interesting, got slightly lost in the explanation, but it became clearer in the finish.  Was not aware of this plan having joined in 2018.  Would I have carried on as a free joiner and not become a premium member? possibly not, as I feel the total package is good value.

    However for a starter member who has not a lot of spare cash would think that this plan could be good value for their money if they took the add-ons.

    • Nice to have your input, Stuart

      To be honest, I also joined premium directly, however, I saw the paid services and at that time in 2017, I was scared why they bought these courses separately? Then I decided to jump in premium and when I become more familiar about WA  platform, I decided to let others know what is the Wealthy Affiliate and its services.

      yes, it is a little confused because most people will expect me to talk about premium membership. just to let you know that I already wrote full wealthy affiliate review.

  2. This is great I am a Premium member at Wealthy affiliate and I think this is a very fair review of them.I like their training and their web hosting. I also like their support and of course the amazing community, that includes a ton of SEO experts. Weekly webinars include every subject you can imagine, including email marketing. You should go back and check it out and maybe update this review to be more accurate.Thanks for all the great information it would be of help to the public as it has helped me understand more about wealthy affiliate

    • Hello Nelson,

      Your input is really unique. I already know about the premium membership at wealthy Affiliate, and I’ve written a full review about it (You can search in my site and read it).

      I can see that you did not read this article in full, try to read it again and then you can see my point there.

      To be honest Nelson, I’m 100% sure that info in this review article is deadly accurate, but still some people i somehow, claim that there is something wrong here. This is because we use to follow the crowd (masses) and most crowd goes premium ( did you get it?).

      Nelson, when I wrote this review I expect to see people even say “fake review”, and this is because they just see what they want to see. I like to add that this is my blog and I’m completely free to write what I think is right for my audience.

  3. I’m glad to see that you’ve explained what a WA start membership can offer without upgrading to premium so well here. I agree that most reviews tend to leave this information out, and you’ve posited some great questions here. I was not aware that specific classes can be purchased. I think with the holiday season approaching this would make for a perfect gift, and I have saved your link for when it’s soon time to order. Thanks for the excellent information regarding the starter membership!

    • Hello Pentrental, 

      Glad you find it useful and adding some new info. about Wealthy affiliate.

      I appreciate your input.

      Take care

  4. This is a very important article,I totally agree! I think WA is great. Of course, nothing is perfect, so it does have some faults. But I’ve been around the internet marketing space a long time and rarely have seen a course or program that stands the test of time, and WA has done it thus far!Thanks for your review of WA, I’d got alot out of what your review was. I’d had joined for free a few months ago and put it on the back burner and now I am out of a job and re looking at WA to create a online income.thanks alot for this awesome article as it would help the public more

    • Hi David,

      Yes, nothing is completely perfect and that is why the comparison always taking place in our World. The Wealthy Affiliate is ahead of others because of taking care of its targeted audience. 

      If I was not completely newbie at the time of joining Wealthy Affiliate, I could think and plan to jump in this possible plan.

      Thanks David.

  5. Thank you for the awesome post! I have been on Wealthy Affiliate for a few months now and I have found it to be one of the most helpful sites ever for starting up a great website based on your interest! I do have one question. Do you know if there are any extra benefits of signing up under the yearly plan?

  6. Hi Safia! I’ve recently been planning to write my own review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, so reading your review has been a great bit of research for me. I’ve been on the platform for almost two years now and have really enjoyed it. I had no idea about the Possible Plan until reading your review. Being a Premium member already at WA, I can speak for the benefits of investing in the platform, especially if you take advantage of their current Black Friday offer. Still, at less than $400/year, I think the platform is well worth it for all that it offers! Just to be clear, the Possible Plan never expires after the one-time payment?

    • Hello Tucker,

      I’m glad to find my review useful, but do not copy it! lol

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal is a great opportunity to who can afford the cost. If you read this review carefully, you can see my main point which is lacking money never stop anyone if they sign up at Wealthy Affiliate.

      You raise a good question, Tucher. The answer is yes, anyone has possible plan will have lifetime access without expiration.

      Thanks for your valued input, Tucker.

  7. I was looking to know more about wealthy affiliate . The info here is outstanding.
    As I read the Wealthy affiliate just relies on strategy to drive organic traffic to the offers, isn’t it?

    If so, the writing content is number one to be success. So does the possible plan is enough to let newbie dive into writing the content?

    I hope you clear this point for me.

    • Hi Suzanne,

      1- yes, it does. the main strategy taught in Wealthy Affiliate is to drive organic traffic by writing content. To be honest, you need a lot of writing and this is the main reason to choose niche of your interest when anyone adopt this strategy (make the writing easier and fun + earning $$$).

      2- With respect to my experience, yes. Through the training, Kyle shows how to create a review in details and I will give you more templates to create a killer review as a bonus.

      If you need any clarification, you can add your questions here.
      Have nice day.

  8. Hi Safia, 

    I have been on Wealthy Affiliate for a few months now and I have found it to be one of the most helpful sites to learn about affiliate marketing and building our own website. Community support is awesome for me. Now I am working on my website and hope after a few months I will start earning some money too. 

    When do you start earning some money when you join the Wealthy Affiliate?

    Thanks for sharing your awesome guide. 


    • Hi Naksh,

      Well done to be inside Wealthy Affiliate. 

      I started earning after 2 months using my website, but before that, I got many commissions just using social media.

  9. Hi there, 

    I must admit I don’t know about the possible plan yet.

    I think its wonderful that you point out that a person can start with a free platform if they have no funding.  They cannot earn as much commission on marketing the platform itself, but nothing stops them from running their two free sites and making money off those.  The level one training that is available for free is more than any other platform I know of.  The other platforms all require payment before you can start training.

    Once you are successful in making your free platform work, it makes sense to pay for the premium platform, as you get all the services free then.  You can improve your knowledge and your income.  This also opens up the opportunity for more experienced bloggers and content creators to promote the platform itself.  The whole point of Affiliate marketing is not only to promote itself but actually for all of us to sell the products of other companies.  If we manage to do this, we prove to the world that the concept works.

    I hope you enjoyed writing your article, and I hope to see more.


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